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The Forum > Article Comments > Phone tapping into crime > Comments

Phone tapping into crime : Comments

By Michael Bosscher, published 31/5/2007

There are serious risks in the new Queensland phone tap powers about which there has been little opportunity for debate.

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Dammed if you do and Dammed if you Don't. It is difficult when the whole system itself is out of "context".

What is transparency and WHOSE transparency are we talking about?

Is there such a thing as "it's okay if you have nothing to hide"?

Is it right to say well... "it'd be good for all public servants to be the ones tapped"?

Once we hear this sort of material, is it possible to ignore what we come to know?

Whose cause needs defending?

Is there an issue of LAW Vs Trust here?

I agree that - a disturbing trend is developing whereby important civil rights may be seriously eroded through law changes, brought in with little or no public input into the decision making process.


"Every change should be thoroughly examined and publicly debated. Itís not just the individual law changes, itís what they lead to as a whole."


"Queensland is not a police state, but unrestricted phone tapping certainly suggests that image."

This is the point. I feel policing is a serious issue when it comes to TRUST. I feel we miss a practical cultural approach from the force and this is a Federal and State issue that follows its way throughout many institutions including the Defence forces, Mental Health, Refugees, and Education to name 'just' a few. The so called judgement feels like its the case of the "good guys Vs the bad guys" gone mad.

Who gets to judge the context?

We are becoming too over-regulated and the social problems dertermining cause at the heart of underlying issues (through Collective Security, Community Safe Crime Prevention) are not being properly addressed.
Posted by miacat, Friday, 1 June 2007 8:11:18 AM
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miacat, what's the basis of your statement that Queensland is not a Police-state. The new laws are just another way of allowing them to maintain their position of absolute control and power and reinforce their position of alleged authority over the tax-paying peasants.
Queensland is a police state and if you cant identify how it has been achieved I suggest that you start by sitting in the local court room and identify how the public servant sitting as a justice ( Magistrate) is given jurisdiction by the same type of individual who published the article you are commenting on. I know a couple of honest lawyers that admit to the level of dishonesty and corruption but are not keen to be seen to be have anything to do with exposing any of it. People have been known to be shot and then allegation of random shootings conceals the real motives behind on the attempt to assassinate high profile or outspoken individuals.
Mr Michael Bosscher understands exactly what I am saying but knowledge of this legal language is not readily available or understood by others who are not members of the legal club that conducts its self like a cartel and this is not my description but a description provided by a prominent Qld Supreme Court Judge. Mr Bosscher appears to be a partner of a FIRM of Solicitors and any attempt by him to post an article that indicates in some way the he is not happy with the new laws on phone tapping is something that I am very suspicious of. Mr Bosscher could explain why the Qld Solicitor General, Mr Conrad Lohie is no longer an individual but the name of a FIRM of, I suspect, Solicitors. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is also registered as FIRM of Solicitors and these are not just allegations as the evidence has been lodged in the Registry of one of Queensland's alleged courts and published on the net. The legal profession will never be part of the solution as they are a prominent part of the problems we face in Queensland.
Posted by Young Dan, Saturday, 2 June 2007 8:49:25 PM
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