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Queensland’s wicked ways : Comments

By Scott Prasser, published 18/5/2007

Queensland State Government take note: laws may be passed, but they need to be enforced by real practice and example.

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A very sad state of affairs exists under the current Queensland Premier. Let's not forget Bill D'Arcy (ex-MLA), the digusting convicted kiddie-fiddler. In true ALP style, he was supported throughout by the Premier and his colleagues, not one of whom made a move to oust him or stop the Premier signing over his massive superannuation payout. And, of course, the Qld Teachers Union helped pay for D'Arcy's legal fees. What an utter disgrace - teacher union bosses paying money to a pervert who molested Queensland children in Queensland classroom (D'Arcy was a teacher when some of the offences were committed). Its called ALP solidarity.
Posted by Siltstone, Friday, 18 May 2007 6:14:28 PM
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REFORM is needed everywhere and especially in Queensland. I agree with the premise "laws may be passed, but they need to be enforced by real practice and example."

I hope the people of Queensland will find a way to think through and STAND UP as citizens on issues that count.

In the Council shake-up, I hope people understand that our local governments need to see they are the most powerful and closest to insitigate change.... HOWEVER if they do not SEE THIS they are the most distructive - as we as citizens are alienated... being forced to work through them - regardless of the danger of dysfunctional co-dependent partnerships - silo-possessiveness on community issues.... which get quite unreal + nasty.

There is nothing worse than a SILO_BASED Local government. Those of us isolated need TRANSPORT - COMMUNITY SERVICES and an up-grade to COMMUNICATIONS.

We pay everyone and get little back. WE are innovative and are being blocked by the lack of civic infrastructure and this is causal to the bullying culture and contributes to the crime rate.... including structural.

Community Safe means we all have to take part in that Safety. Part of that is about enabling participation by encouraging pro-active citizenship.


I wish the tier-governments would GET REAL!

We need to SHARE our Services!
Posted by miacat, Sunday, 20 May 2007 12:25:19 AM
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SCOTT. You appear to be able to identify only some of the minor issues in relation to this doctoral fascist regime ruling the Police State Republic of Queensland at this point of time.
You suggest that the laws are not being enforced in Queensland and you would be aware that the judicial system and its courts exist for this purpose.
I will not only suggest that the courts are not discharging their obligations to the people of Queensland but are corrupt to the core as they no longer exist as you would appear to believe.
The Judicial Review Act 19991 was passed by the Parliament for a specific purpose.
An Act relating to the review on questions of law of certain administrative decisions, and for the reform of procedures relating to judicial review at common law, and for other purposes
The Qld Supreme Court is alleged to have jurisdiction in any matter commenced under the JR Act and all of the conduct and the suspect and objectionable administrative decisions that you have identified could have been dealt with under this Act if the Qld Supreme Court did actually exist. The Registrars of the Queensland Sup-Crt have been instructed by the Attorney-Generals Dept not to SEAL any originating process lodged in the Registry for the purposes of having the process signed, sealed, filed and issued to the Sup-Crt. If a matter is only LODGED and NOT FILED or ISSUED to the court then it appears to get a hearing before one of the individuals, who has been appointed as a Sup-Crt Judge, in the place where the hearings are normally conducted, was the matter actually dealt with in the jurisdiction of the Qld-Sup-Crt ? IT HAS NOT and this is the level of corruption that the uneducated peasant class have to deal with in the future. If you find this difficult to believe ask Tony Morris why he consented to the pretend Sup-Crt hearing the Application for the review of his alleged biased conduct in this alternative dispute resolution process dreamed up by the not so honest members of the Judiciary.
Posted by Young Dan, Sunday, 20 May 2007 12:48:03 AM
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If we do not have a properly constituted Queensland Supreme Courts in accordance with the mandatory laws passed by the Parliament dealing appropriately and honestly with the matters in dispute brought before the Sup-Crt and adjudicated on by individuals who are appointed by the Parliament and allegedly bound by their judicial oath of office, sworn on the Bible, acting impartially without bias and according to the rule of law, what do we have ? "A judicial cesspit "
They all know exactly what they are doing and the reasons for this vile conduct as all decisions of the lower courts or the conduct of the judges or Magistrates can then not be questioned in any manner, whether by appeal of review and any decision from this alternative jurisdiction is final as it is only a court decision or Court Order SEALED with the statutory SEAL OF THE SUPREME COURT OF QUEENSLAND that can be appealed at the final appellate jurisdiction in the High Court of Australia in which the judicial power of the commonwealth is exercised. You will recall that our not so honest Premier did say that the decision in Tony Morris's matter could not be appealed, ask him why ?
In the past five weeks two individuals who are appointed as Sup-Crt Judges, Stanley Jones and Justice Wilson, have elected to step aside from a particular matter they fraudulently attempted to hear in the Sup-Crt in Cairns and their decision was forced upon them by a self-litigant who demanded to have the statutory SEAL placed on the originating process before he would consent to their authority to exercise judicial-power in this surreptitiously created jurisdiction in which they are not bound by their judicial oath of office and openly display bias and issue verbal threats to get their own way in accordance with govt policy or just looking after the brothers/sisters in the legal profession cartel at the expense of the public who have had a gut-full of their vile repugnant conduct openly displayed in the pretend courts. Wilson advised De-Jersey is now to deal with the self-litigant.
Posted by Young Dan, Sunday, 20 May 2007 12:54:30 AM
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