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The Forum > Article Comments > Fear and loathing Down Under? > Comments

Fear and loathing Down Under? : Comments

By Peter McMahon, published 9/12/2002

Peter McMahon predicts a period of cultural intolerance and fear resulting from terrorist threats and Howard government policies

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Change the term ethnic cleansing to territorial massacre and you will get a more accurate picture of world events in recent times.
We have a bloody TERRITORIAL DOGFIGHT between the Arabs and the Jews in the middle east. Like all wars IT IS OVER THE LAND. Fundamentalists religions do not marry outside of their tribe so they become tribes at the biological level. When the Catholics were killing the Heretics in early day England they wanted control of England. How do religous people kill for territorial control and still see themselves as good people. SIMPLE!! They make there enemy God's enemy like Heretic or Infidel and then God actually sactions the killing but it is always over territorial control.
We had a bloody territorial massacre in Germany
A territorial massacre in Somlia, Rwanda, Bosnia, East Timor.
The IRA fought a bloody campaign for control of Ireland.
The Sunni's and Shiites are killing each other for control of Iraq when Britain pulled out of India in early days the Shieks and the Hindus waged a bloody war over control of India.
Then we have all the demands for separtists states in the world by tribes living in multi-tribal countries, Chechyna being one example.
I see suicide bombing as a form of ethnic cleansing. that is killing the members of the other tribe to remove them from the territory. All wars throughout history have been over the land no matter what righteous religious or political reasons were given.

History us screaming at us that man at the tribal level is dangerously territorial. Wars aren't about intolerance. So you can't stop them by being tolerant. Wars are over territory and territorial resources.(genetic survival).
We in multi-tribal(cultural) societies should be very afraid .
Posted by sharkfin, Tuesday, 15 August 2006 11:42:50 PM
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