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The Forum > Article Comments > The changing face of media - Part 2 > Comments

The changing face of media - Part 2 : Comments

By Chris Abood, published 13/7/2005

Chris Abood discusses peer-to-peer networks, DivX and the changing face of the TV industry.

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Very good article Chris.

I think that there are many issues concerning P2P, music selling/marketing and digital television in particular as your article highlights.

I think that, as you alluded to, it will be vital for record companies to use P2P for their advantage rather than try to just shut it down. Not only does shutting P2P networks down annoy users, it seems to gain little ground in stopping illegal file and movie/tv show downloads.

I totally agree that many a times when buying a music CD/DVD it is because of one or two songs which I like - and I think, why did I pay $35 for two songs I actually like when there are other options. I'm not advocating people download music illegaly, rather that it is time for ARIA et al to make use of P2P and other smart music/movie downloading technology and stop ripping the consumer off with products they pay exorbitant prices for yet get only minor benefit.

In regard to digital television, I think that multi-channelling should have been allowed a long time ago. Whilst the ABC and SBS have made some inroads into multi-channelling, I really don't get a lot of benefit/interest in watching world news 24/7 (SBS) or a stack of re-runs from the ABC. Furthermore, I bought a HDTV Set Top Box recently, and whilst the picture and sound is clearer, I often suffer interference from house lights and I can't afford to buy a widescreen TV yet (with most "average" models starting at $2000) so I have screen ratio problems.

Ultimately I would like to see free to air digital TV expanded with the addition of new channels. No doubt you and many others have heard of the UK's free-to-air television system. It offers a VAST and interesting array of television channels and a system like it would DEFINITELY encourage people to change to digital. Basically, I think it is content and quality of that content combined which will encourage people to move to digital. Costs of equipment may also be a barrier to digital television ownership.
Posted by Dinhaan, Wednesday, 13 July 2005 10:26:46 PM
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