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What do people like about porn? Everyone knows the answer to that : Comments

By Alan McKee, published 12/5/2003

Alan McKee outlines some early findings of research into pornography in Australia

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The range of sexual activity in films like Viva Erotica is normal and natural for any adult human. It is a deep-seated part of what it is to be human. Many people participate quite happily in making such films. Being film, the construction or story one attributes to it depends on the viewer. Making and watching such a film does not of itself give rise to any “victims”.
Sexual activity is a normal natural and healthy part of being human.
The human body is intrinsically beautiful and attractive. The face, head hair, ears, breasts, legs, hands, back hair, chest hair, pubic hair, buttocks, vulva, the clitoris, the labia erect or not, short or long, the penis, soft or hard, the scrotum – all are beautiful. Natural variations in size, shape and colour of the different parts of the body are beautiful. Sexual activity is beautiful. It is an activity which can give great enjoyment and by choice, new life. But there have been for many people, years of inculturation of alternative perceptions, often emanating from some, but not all, religious sources. The resulting inculcated sense of guilt has caused problems for many people.
There is no particular evidence that seeing the body and seeing it in sexual activity has a negative effect on relationships, in fact many people say the opposite. There is no particular evidence that it leads to crime. In fact it may reduce crime by satisfying certain deep-seated needs. We exclude from this activity which is violent or exploitative, or has certain other features characterised in current guidelines, such as the involvement of children.
An NVE classification for such films, videos and DVDs only reflects the reality of what can currently be downloaded
At present even a prominent Australian sexologist apparently is forced by the ACMA coregulation regime into euphemism - bananas and melons – for her website.
On this whole issue we are really at the point the former Minister for Customs, Don Chipp was with pubic hair in magazine photos and with the musical Hair in the 1970s.
Feel Good About Body and Sex Group
Posted by FGABAS, Tuesday, 6 March 2007 12:05:56 PM
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