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Welcome to Ozplogistan! : Comments

By John Quiggin, published 11/4/2005

John Quiggin argues that blogs are transforming the nature of public debate, and the mainstream media.

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Rejecting current media presentation to varying levels is the result of our innate and common natural sense saying that it is not really addressing the issue by presenting all the possible main facts them grounded debate on, but being limited facts and even questionable facts then used to present more of a pre-determined view.

All humans possess a natural sense of Wrong and Rights which at a basic level have consistent response with all other humans to a specific situation no matter what their living origins and cultural views are and this holds out through the animal kingdom as well meaning you dont see a usual lion going around in a blood lusting frenzy for the fun of exerting its power over life but kills to eat and thats it.

This is what Natural Law and which and the original Code on which our current law grew into over human existence and anyone about to complain here that the Law has gone wrong first has to answer this question to themselves, Is Law not a tool and so its use lies in the hands of the User, meaning dont blame the law for somebody misusing it.

We apply that to article we read and it riles our natural senses and looking for alternate source is just our quest to search for the full facts to make our own judgments from a informed point. Nothing wrong with that and the way the common major media have gone increasingly to present and 'Paint a Picture' which at times glaringly limited in factual work up and only appealing to the smallest of fringes or gender alienating the population just riles our natural senses and reject these media and so news bloggs and alternative news available then I am interested.

Posted by Sam said, Tuesday, 12 April 2005 9:25:36 AM
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