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Paying the price for election giveaways : Comments

By Nicholas Gruen, published 10/2/2005

Nicholas Gruen argues that we are in for some pain with interest rate rises imminent.

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There is something else that the howard vote buying or bribery has done. It has bought out the very worst in these members, but corruption and bribery does just that. The latest kerfuffle in Parliament re a Gov. minister and the bribe - er grant to clean out a creek. There is the possiblity of corruption on the part of this pathetic local Gov. minister. Did you note d.kelly's reply to a question. The question was how come the money was forwarded before the application or approval. Kelly's reply "We may have had a very efficient department and scrupulous service" This woman knew that what she said was a big black fat pulsating lie! So what she was doing was giving the 'two finger salute' to 1.Decency. 2.Honesty. 3.Propriety 4. Possible Corruption. as well as 5. Parliamentary probity & integrity. In other words a typical response one accepts from this arrogant lying liberal led gov. This 'two finger salute' was also directed at the Australian electorate who this gov seems to hold in utter contempt and absolute disdain. Then the smirking howard who said he would take the "appropriate??" action re the local gov. minister's action. I know there was at one time a code of behaviour for gov members, but no one could live up to it. Now the only time any member would break that code would be if one of them raped the speaker in front of howard during question time, then set fire to howard himself. On TV there was howard shown at this creek during the big bibe or the election saying that when this creek was cleaned out he, howard, would look forward to taking a cruise down this muddy creek. I wonder if he will or was this just another pathetic inane lie for the chattering dribbling, stupid peasants that he had just bribed.
Also I wish howard would not, very coyly almost girl like, constantly tell us that he is going to stay in office for the forseeable future. MOST OF US DO NOT GIVE A MONKEY'S WHAT PLANS THIS RODENT HAS FOR HIMSELF.
I am disgusted at how these arrogant members treat - OUR - the Australian Parliament, and how they constantly demean us the Australian people by their pathetic behaviour. Regards, numbat
Posted by numbat, Thursday, 10 February 2005 1:06:22 PM
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The economy is crumbling, albeit slowly, but crumbling nevertheless. It has been propped up by grant money, taxpayers' money, to every Tom Dick but not Harry, some of us missed out on the PM's largess.

The Reserve Bank of Australia has been concerned about putting up rates when it should have done last year - an lection year- but it should have put up rates to atleast 0.5% of what they are now. The effects would have been to slow consumption of overseas goods and increase savings.

The RBA has left it a little late so we can now expect a reasonably rapid rise, the 12 months Current Account Deficit in America has come it an $617 billion.

That figure alone will ensure US rates rise ... and ours with it.
Posted by Freckles, Friday, 11 February 2005 12:00:26 PM
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