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The Forum > Article Comments > When not enough information becomes a lie > Comments

When not enough information becomes a lie : Comments

By Leslie Cannold, published 30/12/2004

Leslie Cannold argues that the Commonwealth Government has no right to coerce disability pensioners and supporting mothers into working

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It sounds like Doctor Cannold is advocating the receipt of welfare as a legitimate career choice. It is quite simple, if you can work, you should work. People only have the luxury of being "consistent with their values" and making choices "suited to their circumstances" if it doesnít entail being a burden on society.

People with mental and physical disabilities (and the people who care for them) who truly cannot work donít have this luxury of choice. Itís rather insulting to lump them together with poor old Joe with the medically baffling crook back who can sit in his chair fine at home, but canít do it behind a desk at work. (Before everyone goes off, I realise that alot of people have legitimate problems. I'm talking about whether they are bad enough that they cannot work).The governmentís obligation is to look after people who canít, not people who canít be bothered. The government has every right to coerce people who can work back into the workforce.
Posted by bozzie, Thursday, 30 December 2004 6:21:04 PM
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I wonder what Centrelink managers had to say about their new role of coercing disability pensioners into the workforce? Is there a union or association of Centrelink Managers which objected to this new role? And, has there ever been a Centrelink Manager who finished up on a Disability pension because of the stress of the job.....I wonder?

As for "Bozzie's" reply, it reminds of John Howard bemoaning the fact that cricket isn't what it used to be. Get a real life Bozzie, perhaps you were (are) a Centrelink Manager!!
Posted by ginger, Friday, 31 December 2004 9:33:45 AM
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"Old Joe with a crook back" is an urban myth perpetuated by current affairs news programmes to incite outrage and demonise the "other."

From first hand experience, I know how difficult it is to successfully apply for a DSP.

It took over a year for my legitamate claim for a DSP to be approved, in which time I was forced to return to the workforce.

This lead to exacerbating my illness (which at times is life-threatening) and caused numerous hospitalisations. If it were not for the support of a small few understanding Centrelink workers who are in their jobs to help people and not to assert power over those who are less fortunate, I would most likely still be in the same situation...

However, after some time on DSP, my illness is slowly begining to stabilise, to the effect that I hope to be able to gradually reintroduce myself into the workforce, voluntarilly under the supervision of specialist medical advice, not at the direction of some government beaurocrat who sees me as just a number on a balance sheet.

Prior to my illness forcing me onto welfare, I was a gainfully employed, educated professional on the "up and up" so to speak, payer of taxes, and member of society. I worked through university and never claimed welfare of any sort, Austudy, HECS, or Unemployment.

To me, contributing towards welfare was and still is a neccessary part of being a member of society. A way of offering assistance to those, who for whatever reasons, are unable to support themselves. How can someone expect to be a member of a functioning society if we bemone contributing to those members in need?

Calling people who claim unemployment or Disability or some other form of Welfare Benefit "bludgers" is just a symptom of the growing selfishness of the neo-liberal, ecconomic rationalist societies which we now inhabit.

It is belittling enough needing to survive on the charity of others without being reminded of it and chastised for it.

If you must think only of yourself, then try to think of yourself becomming suddenly ill and no longer being able to support yourself. Then think of your financial woes compounding your illness. Maybe then you may feel differently about social security.

Social Security is Humanitarian Aid for members of one's own community.

Thank you very much for your support during my illness, I hope to return the favor one day soon.

I only ask for one more thing, let me keep my dignity, please?
Posted by Gendo, Friday, 31 December 2004 1:00:29 PM
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