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The Forum > Article Comments > Times change, so why shouldn't families? > Comments

Times change, so why shouldn't families? : Comments

By Alexis Tindall, published 20/12/2004

Alexis Tindall argues that the family is still alive and well, but with a different face.

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I have seldom read a more confusing article than Tindall's. Who on earth is the piece aimed at? Howard? The Government in general? The Wrinklies? Alexis Tindalls own family?

I made the mistake actually of thinking it was directed at me - and it quite brought on one of my hot flushes.

For gods' sake, you daft young pratt, were you honestly unaware of the circular logic you employed? Nor of the delicious irony provided by your last quote?

As you associate this article with your University I do not for a moment impugne your scholastic integrity. I am sure that you did the appropriate research before bursting into the public forum. But let's clarify a little for the folks at home.

1. A Baby Boomer is one who was born in an excess of post WW2 zeal to repopulate the world.
2. John Howard was born before WW2 and so is not a Baby Boomer.
3. The so-called "Hippy" generation were Baby Boomers. By definition a Hippy was not someone who lived in a middle-class nuclear family.
4. The teenagers of the '60's and 70's inaguarated communal living/extended families both in their own societies and in places from Nepal to Papua New Guinea
5. The teenagers of the sixties and seventies are now Baby Boomers.
6. To-days existing alternative communities are not populated exclusively by people of Tindall's generation. Whatever that might be.
7. Many of those who picked up a banner for reform in the area Tindall indicates have, metaphorically speaking, been carrying that same banner for 20,30,or even more years.
8. Ageism, like sexism or racism is not encouraged in Universities.
Posted by Ankh, Sunday, 9 January 2005 1:47:06 PM
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