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The Forum > Article Comments > Future world stability does not require either a US or a UN hegemony > Comments

Future world stability does not require either a US or a UN hegemony : Comments

By Michael Lind, published 8/4/2003

Michael Lind finds two basic flaws in the design of the United Nations that will prevent it from ensuring world stability

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A strong non-vetoed UN is badly needed right now, with the US unipolar preemptive mess that has been made of Iraq, as well as the US unipolar allowance for the Israeli heavy bombing of the Lebanese.

The above gives proof how human weakness has proven that unipolar power has never worked well in the world, right from the period of Pax Romana, through to Pax Britannica, then Pax Americana as it is right now, proving Immanuel Kant's words after Napoleon disgraced the Enlightenment catchcries of Liberty, Equality and Frathernity by declaring himself emperor.

The recent utterances from Condoleeza Rice alone, about bringing true democracy to the Middle East by cleaning out Hizbollah, certainly proves Kant's declaration after his disgust with Napoleon:

That from this day on not one person nor one nation alone can ever be trusted to bring true peace to this world. Better a Federation of Nations arranged there by a world plebiscite.

Furthermore nothing was mentioned by Kant about letting the more powerful nations be granted a veto over smaller nations - which relegates anything democratic to the rubbish-heap in any case.
Posted by bushbred, Wednesday, 16 August 2006 11:59:54 AM
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