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The Forum > Article Comments > Society's moral panic attacks - all grist for the media mill > Comments

Society's moral panic attacks - all grist for the media mill : Comments

By Russ Grayson, published 16/8/2004

Russ Grayson examines moral panics, what causes them and their coverage in the media

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Man ! .. 'evangelical Christians .. far right... little different from the Taliban' ??? c'mon ! Meet me.. evangelical, conservative Christian, yep.. I'm one. Politically I am smack in the middle. Socially I'm 'strange' to many,.. racist to others...(see my comment about selective migration and racism) Though I find the tags a bit of a poor fit as my wife is malaysian, my kids are mixed and I live in a shed.

But one think I know, if we are to move forward with our current rather rich diversity of cultures, we need to STOP playing political football with immigrants and Indigenous Australians and actually just "call em as they really are". On Immigration and Assylum seekers.. I just about wretch at the disgusting way some people hypocritically swarm like a pack of Komodo dragons around the Detention Centres screaming about injustice WHILE displaying their socialist left party credentials.... (wonder why ?) I dare not suggest that their 'compassion' is a mask for raising a political profile ? tsk tsk.

Let me be 'wierd' for a moment..and not to forget 'racist'... I FIRMLY hold the opinion that ANY supposed assylum seeker LOSES that status the moment they go through 3 countries and then jump into a shabby boat 'just' to get to Australia.. I also am totally disbelieving that a man who by virtue of his race or religion claims to be 'in fear of persecution' will abandon his wife and kids to 'sus out the territory' in Australia (after passing thru 3 other more culturally compatable countries with malaysia espectially having probably more Mercedes per square km than Australia) and then expecting sympathy while they blatantly (and skillfully) manipulate the media with hunger strikes and all manner of 'tactic' like 'studies of the conditions' in well built family friendly centres. They came for 'assylum'...didn't they ? Well... we give it to them while keep our hands on the levers of 'who' we allow here.
Posted by BOAZ_David, Saturday, 8 January 2005 10:05:08 PM
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