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The Forum > Article Comments > Moral judgements have no place in Australian social policy. > Comments

Moral judgements have no place in Australian social policy. : Comments

By Philip Mendes, published 11/5/2004

Philip Mendes identifies a trend to incorporate moral attitudes into debate about Australian social policy

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My head almost exploded when I read the title of this.
A Sociologist, who co-edits a work with a man named LEVEY.... myyyyy goodness. Here, from 2005, there is a strong chance that Mr levey can trace his ancestry back to LEVI the priest and his tribe, the caretakers of the Law, given thru Moses... and u say "There is no place for MORAL judgements in Australia ? What ? are moral judgements only for Jews ? and we 'goyem' are to be left to our own amoral devices to steadily slide down the slippery slope of moral relativism into a social oblivion. ?? Or are you saying that u dont believe in your own ancestry, and that there is no such thing as moral right and wrong in this world ? If thats the case.. DONT complain when a Hitler comes along and slaughters a few million of your people. Its not IMMORAL by your view. He only got 'CAUGHT'

I'll take to your statements with the same vigour I have given to other statements of a similar nature. The alternative to moral judgements ? "make_it_up_as_you_go" ... or am I wrong here ?

It it a moral judgement that Rape is wrong ? that all the other things contained in the crimes act are wrong? or are you saying they are just 'legally' wrong ? If that's the case, then there is no reason for a criminal to show remorse over his crime apart from that he got CAUGHT !

This mentality is what lies behind the 'If I can get away with this, I'll do it' approach to being a member of society. Is not 'spelt out' but that message is being communicated to this society by papers like yours, as plainly as this is being read.

While we trip along in the field of 'make believe' who is going to take us to who-knows-where? If its sociologists who have views like your own, we could be taken ANYwhere.. there is nothing that could not be justified.
Posted by BOAZ_David, Saturday, 5 February 2005 9:33:59 PM
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