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The Forum > Article Comments > Social economistsí advice brings national ruin > Comments

Social economistsí advice brings national ruin : Comments

By Alan Moran, published 1/12/2021

Seventeen Nobel US based economists have said that the Biden Administration's $1.7 trillion 'Build Back Better' program, will increase growth without inflation.

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And 32 of the worlds leading virologists published a scientific paper in Lancet staing unequivocally that the Wuhan virus was not man made, Mike Moran. I am just an electrician, but I know when somebody is peeing on my leg and telling me that it is raining.

It is claimed that 97% of clmatete scientists maintain that Human Induced Climate change is real, although who started that rumour, nobody knows. But I read history, Mike, and I know that the earth warms and cools every 1000 years. Our present warming period is right on schedule So I don't believe in HIGW.

100% of ABC journalists would claim that the ABC is not biased, but everybody knows what a joke that idea is.

I don't know who these Nobel prize wining economists are, but you can bet they are all academics. And academics tend to be lefties. As such you can't trust them. I put them in the same class as Klaus Fuchs and all the other acedemics in the atomic bomb project (Mahatten Project) who betrayed the secrets of the atomic bomb to Stalin, who is the greatest mass murderer since Ghengis Khan. And all because they were lefties enamoured of their precious left wing socialism.

Inflation is skyrocketing in the USA because of Biden's and his stupid mates in the Democratic Party, who want to spend, spend, spend to buy the idiot vote. But even the low IQ morons who voted for the Dems are starting to figure out that spending money that you do not have will cause inflation. If these academics say different, they have not visited a petrol pump lately. If you support those ideologue academics, then I think that you have got a hard sell there.

Whoever these Nobel Laureates are, I think they are from the Hugo Chavez School of Economics.
Posted by LEGO, Friday, 3 December 2021 7:20:54 AM
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