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The Forum > Article Comments > Allowing Alex's sex change shows up a gender-biased Family Court > Comments

Allowing Alex's sex change shows up a gender-biased Family Court : Comments

By Sheila Jeffreys, published 23/4/2004

Sheila Jeffreys looks at the issue of gender reassignment from a feminist perspective, in the wake of the Family Court's decision for Alex

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This article depicts clearly the reason why transgendered people are not even accepted by the homosexual community.

Because as a female, you cannot possibly understand why someone would feel so at odds with their body as to require sex reassignment surgery. And homosexual males do no better understanding the reasons why a trans female is so driven to alter her outward appearance to match what she feels.

You spout the same garbage as the patriarchical society that you so vehemately propose to despise. You talk about the oppression forced upon females by the male culture, but yet you ignore that the very people that you would undermine, for example the Christian Church, put forward the same position as you!

You claim that GID is an artifact of our current culture, because we cannot accept people having relationships outside of the male-female "ideal" presented by society, but this is simply untrue, and apparent to all transgendered people.

I find it horrible that the homosexuals, who have felt such a burden of oppression, would turn around and place that burden squarely upon the transgendered people.

I would like to see your response to someone telling you that your lesbian nature is a lie, and you were just abused as a child, which lead you to make the choice to follow such a destructive path of homosexuality.

You claim you want us to have a "healthy body" in the gender we were born with, but you seem unable to believe that we may not WANT that body.
Posted by CassyF, Thursday, 15 June 2006 7:50:18 AM
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