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Winnowing fan of the woke : Comments

By Edie Wyatt, published 13/11/2020

Who would have thought the New York Times would ever come out against the secular state?

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What a waste of time! Same-sex marriage is sorted!

Quoting anything from the bible as proof or Authority is fraught, given the bible does seem to support the concept of slavery! It does! Moreover, if a kind and gentle Jesus with his predilection for exclusive male company walked among us today? Many so-called true believers would label him gay? Some would even persecute him?

There's something very wrong in some sections of sexually obsessed religious society. With their focus on the bedroom and what occurs there between consenting adults! The trains won't stop and the phone service will still work!

Or what steps some folk take to feel sexually normal in every respect! Butt TFO, it's none of your effing business! Get over yourself!

Instead, focus on the really important golden rule stuff. Stuff some alleged Christians give bare lip service to!

If the alleged teachings of the Master were being followed by NON-JUDGEMENTAL Christians!? Then poverty would be eradicated! And we would have acted on climate change decades ago!

Being able to quote chapter and verse just doesn't make one a Christian! Only their actions can do that! And actions that are inherently automatic and never done to reap praise or reward!

Take your yabba yabba and go shove where the sun doesn't shine! I mean WTF, who gives a shite what you think/believe?

Christians in business focus first on providing the best service, not the biggest margins.

Christians in politics would never ever have privatised the peoples' property, so it could be price gouged by tax-avoiding profit repatriating foreigners. And never ever take backhanders for having done so?

Christians in politics would have created a credible cogent energy policy! And given the role of energy in cost of living outcomes, that energy would be as cheap as we could make it, namely MSR thorium! Rather than that which serves this or that vested interest!? TBC.
Alan B
Posted by Alan B., Friday, 13 November 2020 10:54:57 AM
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You don't seem to get it, Edie.

Every culture is based upon it's long traditional religious base and quite frankly, the idea of an entirely secular society is always going to be a myth. Religion is extremely important to many people because their concept of eternal life is based upon it. You are never going to stop the primary religion of any culture from interfering with any new cultural change which opposes it's long traditional religiously inspired cultural values, which have been the very foundation of any nations culture for so long.

But to prevent any religion becoming too strong within any society the concept of free speech, and the sanctity of mocking and criticising any nations host religion, is extremely important. You need to stick a pin in a few inflated religious egos and dispassionately examine their logic. People need to re examine old religious dogma and see if the once quite sensible religious edicts which governed behaviour for centuries is still appropriate.

Hindu's should question whether eating beef is such a big deal anymore. Jews and Muslims should do the same thing about pork. Muslims should discuss whether those Koranic verses encouraging Muslims to slaughter non Muslims are appropriate it the 21st century. Religiously inspired laws are not set in stone and should be always up for discussion.

Oddly enough, as old organised religion gets less and less important in western people's lives an entirely new religion has arisen, that of the so called left wing secularist. Devotees of this new religion hope to redefine the cultural values of western society into something their new priesthood finds acceptable. And just like every other religion in the past, it is entirely intolerant of other religions, especially Christianity, which it sees as it's main competitor. Similarly, this new priestly caste are now the new oppressors who want to prevent free speech in order to stop criticism and mockery of their own religion.

Oddly enough, this new religion has managed to convince many tertiary educated people, who should know better, that they are progressives, when in fact they are religious reactionaries.
Posted by LEGO, Friday, 13 November 2020 10:57:29 AM
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Interesting article Edie.
Posted by Canem Malum, Friday, 13 November 2020 7:13:47 PM
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One isn't born a religious fanatic, believing this or that superstitious nonsense. Superstitious nonsense that once held that the religious leader could not err, that we all sprang from just two humans, that the earth was flat at the centre of a 6,000-year-old universe.

Nobody is born believing this errant nonsense, it has to be learned like hate at the parent's knee and from a (primitive) culture that is little more than brainwashed, hate-filled morons. Who invariably own their own facts and like Donald, ignore any inconvenient fact.

Will swear on a book that fails to motivate them to operate inside common decency like normal human beings? Clean up your own house, if you can, before pointing a finger at folk who are born different.

Stop ignoring the evidence and the science which ought to be a central edit of any organised philosophy. Otherwise, the whole thing is built on mistruth, persecution and inherent evil incarnate.

Look at the history of organised religion, whole communities put to the sword, the Spanish exposition, the burning at the stake of saints and seers, and a history of paedophilia that's centuries-long etc-etc. Then say my take is wrong. TBC.
Alan B.
Posted by Alan B., Saturday, 14 November 2020 12:28:38 PM
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Inasmuch as you do to the least among you, you also do unto me!

The quality of any society is measured by how well they treat their poorest?

We, privatise and thereby enable price gouging that harms the least among us financially. As we do so, all but cripple the discretionary spend which instead is absorbed by higher energy costs, further exacerbated by climate change and the need to burn money in airconditioning or heating in order to Live life with a modicum of quality.

Quality that is taken as a God-given right by the decision-makers who decided they could sell the poeples' property, to buy a few more votes/stay in power!

And now are chained by those errant decisions to the spectre of sovereign risk or stranded assets or both. Now in a policy straight jacket that will not allow the discussion to move to climate change, addressing that with a saner energy policy that the least among us can also afford/won't tank the economy!

But rather put into warp drive on steroids,i.e., MSR thorium. Carbon-free nuclear power can be the cheapest cleanest and safest we already have in the locker! As SMRs we can do in months and or MSR thorium we could perfect inside a decade or both.

Development as operational models!? Arguably the approximate time we have left in most of our coal-fired facilities.

We need to transition to a new energy export paradigm as well, given over the next decade the cost of recovering coal, oil and gas may be higher than the projected returns!

Thorium is the most energy-dense material on the planet and so abundant we can never ever run out of it!

Those that believe they can sit on their hands and wait for fossil fuel to become uneconomic occurring before acting, are leading us into the jaws of a catastrophic economic disaster that has no precedent!

Sunday morning Christianity and endless verbosity won't put food into Hungary bellies or air-condition overheated homes! Walking the walk may achieve that and much much more!
Alan B.
Posted by Alan B., Sunday, 15 November 2020 10:25:01 AM
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