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Democracy is organic : Comments

By Rob Gascoigne, published 5/10/2020

The tensions over the appointment of a new judge to the US Supreme Court should give us pause to consider the value of norms in our own political institutions.

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While all you say may be correct? It is not yet our problem, but may well be if we choose to become a republic? Which is increasingly on the cards, along with the true democratisation of our political system.

A system where virtually all the candidates are selected by this or that minority or branch stacked branch! Which should be entirely emasculated by the introduction of primaries to select all the candidates with the two leading from whatever party going on to contest a winner takes all election!

Thereby eliminating the backroom deals and the power brokers from our clearly corrupt system!

I like the fact that we have an independent electoral commission, who are responsible for holding the ballot and the subsequent count.

As for the U.S. sysem and the possible role of the supreme court to adjudicate outcomes, from a position of possible political bias?

What is good for the goosey goose, is good for the goosey, goosey gander. Something the clearly corrupted, current republican senate should remember when this particular pigeon comes home to roost!
Alan B.
Posted by Alan B., Monday, 5 October 2020 10:28:31 AM
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Democracy can only work within a society where there is a widespread acceptance within the entire population as to what constitutes right and wrong behaviour. Furthermore, it can only exist where the two primary classes who fight for power in society (the Right Establishment consisting of the church, armed forces, and the upper classes, and the forces of the Left, who are the public service, the unions, academics, and the tertiary educated humanities caste), stop trying to overthrow each other to gain power for their own particular caste, and instead come to some sort of power balance within the nations constitution.

Democracy evolved when the Establishment Right was in power and at one time they were the censorious authoritarians who suppressed free speech and imposed many church approved legal sanctions upon the personal freedom of ordinary citizens. But by the 1960's the pendulum had swung towards the Leftist class, and now they are becoming just as big a bunch of censorious authoritarians as the Right used to be.

Totalitarians of the Left and the Right consider democracy to be a serious inconvenience to the sort of world they want where their own particular class has all the power. But the democratic power of the people's parliaments gradually eroded the power of the Establishment Right to produce the free western societies that we have today.

But today it is the Left which hankers for total control and it has quite cunningly instituted policies to make democracy collapse. The Leftist advocacy of multiculturalism and open borders is deliberately designed to create internal dissention, and to stack existing electorates with imported immigrants from cultures which have values diametrically opposed to our own, who the Left panders to, and whom they assume will support their leftist takeover. So called "anti discrimination" and "human rights" boards have simply become extra judicial star chambers that prevent any criticism of the Left's new voting base.
Posted by LEGO, Monday, 5 October 2020 7:06:42 PM
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deliberately designed to create internal dissention,
That's plain to see but what I'd like to know is WHY ? On one hand they always ramble on about equality etc yet on the other hand they are hell-bent on destroying everything that is decent !
It really is a puzzle why & how they think like that ! It simply doesn't make sense unless all they desire is mayhem !
Read an article just this morning by a paper describing itself as having 'Academic rigour, journalistic flair'. it says why Trump's words work and, 'what to do about it' !
Just about says it all !
Posted by individual, Tuesday, 6 October 2020 7:50:32 AM
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