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The Forum > Article Comments > Cowardice as a principle of foreign policy - what on earth are they thinking? > Comments

Cowardice as a principle of foreign policy - what on earth are they thinking? : Comments

By Stuart Rees, published 26/5/2020

In the context of the Israel/Palestine conflict, balance conceals truths and is an obscene notion.

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This is one example of why our Federal politicians and their advisors should keep an eye on so called "alternative" news sites nowadays readily accessable on the Internet. The news and views on some issues are sometimes considerably different to those peddled by the strongly Zionist influenced mainstream media and that from "official" sources.

My view of Israel is under governments it has had, is basically a Criminal Zionist Settler State in Occupied Palestine and disgraceful that our government often seems to blindly support it. Creation of Israel largely originated as a promise by British to set up a Jewish homeland in Palestine if influential Zionists managed to get the USA to join the fight in World War 1 on the Allied side. Then important to note that Jews there largely do not have a legitimate claim to being land of descendants of the Tribes of Israel of Biblical times. Ancestors long ago of many Jews were in the rogue Kingdom of Khazaria north and east of the Black Sea that earlier adopted Judaism as the official religion. The sordid history of this is something many would prefer kept hidden.
Posted by mox, Tuesday, 26 May 2020 1:06:47 PM
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Muslims, the world's foremost ethnic cleansers, complaining about somebody else doing to them, what they have been doing to everybody else for 1400 years, is like Nazis complaining about Jewish aggression. Anyone with a quarter of a brain, which obviously does not include mox or Stuart Rees, knows what the real issue here really is. Which is, just like with Hitler, Muslims believe that where Islam has conquered, not a backward step can be taken. That is why the late and unlamented Osama bin Laden was even making threats against Spain.

Since the very beginnings of modern Israel, their Muslim Arab neighbours would accept nothing short of the complete extermination of the state of Israel. No compromises, No separate Muslim governed and Jewish governed areas. Nothing but complete victory for Islam and complete subjugation for Jews. Under such a clear and present threat to your people's existence, the taking of your enemies lands for defence, retribution, and repatriation is entirely justified.

Israel now sits on a lot of land claimed by the Arabs which it won fair and square through defending itself, and it is never going to hand it back, so stop whining about it.

The two problems the Arabs now have with Israel is firstly, that it shows what an intelligent race can do with land which the Arabs could only use for goat farming. Israel has almost no natural resources at all except for the superior intelligence of it's wonderfully intelligent people. The Jews are an unwelcome reminder of how backward, bankrupt, and dysfunctional, all Arab Muslim societies are. The more Muslim they are, the more backward they are.

The second, is that, just like Big Brother, the Arab leaders need a foe for their people to hate to distract them from their own political and religious leaders corruption and incompetence. That is why hating Israel is the only thing that Muslims can agree on.

So go Israel. The only democracy in the Middle East. I salute you and admire your amazing people.
Posted by LEGO, Tuesday, 26 May 2020 6:00:57 PM
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The above comments by LEGO are another example of someone who as well as our politicians should keep an eye on alternative media sources. His views on Israel are basically what Zionists who largely control mainstream media want believed. Also, being short of plausible arguments to counter what he does not like in points the article author and I pointed out, has resorted to name calling type response against us. Anyway, it seems the more many people find about ut about sordid details detail of the State of Israel, the less they support it. Note many decent Jews, including ones who live there are among strong opponents of Zionist excesses regarding treatment of Palestinians especially. Also, without the enormous resources from overseas largely from the strongly Zionist influenced USA to help maintain control by force, the present apartheiud government in Israel probably would not last long.
Posted by mox, Wednesday, 27 May 2020 11:00:43 AM
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"Zionists" did not convince me of anything, Mr mox. My opinions were formulated from a lifetime of taking an interest in politics and history.

On the subject of history, let me enlighten you on how the fashionable views of the left have changed over the years regarding Israel, and you might begin to figure out how you were conned.

I was in high school at the time of the 6 day war. At that time, people with your "progressive" leftist mindset supported Israel to the hilt. That was because lefties like yourself love victims and hate "oppressors."

And in 1967, there was no doubt at all just who the victims were and who the "oppressors" were. Israel, with 2 million people was about to be invaded by the combined armies of every Arab nation and completely obliterated. And if you were a Jew, you know what that meant. Every single news organisation on planet Earth predicted that Israel was going to be wiped out. The Arab armies were fully kitted out with the most modern Soviet tanks, artillery, fighters, and bombers

But the Israelis are brilliant people and they knew how to fight and win. For a while, people like yourself and your educated bunch of dummies were ecstatic because Israel won. Every trendy lefty in the western world wanted to go to Israel and work on a kibbutz.

But Israel did something which your Brahmin caste absolutely hate. They kept on winning. And if there is something that trendies hate it is a winner. According to your convoluted logic, winners are always oppressors, and losers are always victims. You can't think in any other way.

The people who are manipulating your mind know this and they know which emotional buttons to push to make you and your befuddled caste react in predictable ways. Just keep presenting the notion that "intelligent" people know that the Israelis are the bad guys, and the religious nut case Muslim terrorists are the "oppressed", and people like yourself will support that crazy idea because you think it is displaying how "intelligent" you are.
Posted by LEGO, Thursday, 28 May 2020 4:43:44 AM
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Israel won the Six War in 1967 largely due to striking first Including as I recall effectively destroying the Egyptian Air Force on the ground. Since then though Arabs have managed to stop expansion towards the Oded Yinon Plan dream of a "Greater Israel" between the Nile and Euphrates rivers despite ongoing enormous military aid from the US especially. It has been limited to what is basically Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants continually stealing more Palestinian land and also often treating other Jews of other ethnic groups including local Palestinian ones as second class citizens. Seems objectionable excesses of Zionist behaviour have been exacerbated by considerable support from some Jews in the US to help those responsible for it to gain political influence and do things many decent Jews oppose. However thanks to the Internet especially, there has been increasing airing of stories the strongly Jewish controlled mainstream media will not initially expose. Leading to Boycott Divestment Sanctions (or BDS) campaigns in many countries against some activities in Israel to draw attention to them and try to have objectionable practices reduced. Then note in some areas of overseas countries where there is strong Zionist influence, there have been efforts to make and use laws to try and stop this.
Posted by mox, Friday, 29 May 2020 10:32:20 AM
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Completely wrong again, mox. Egypt started the six day war when it blockaded the Israeli port of Eilat. A blockade is an act of war. For God's sake pick up a few history books and do some research before you make a fool of yourself making completely false statements in the manner of self righteous certainty.

When it comes to ethnic cleansing, where are the Jews in Arab countries? For that matter, where are the Christians? Both groups have been systematically driven from Muslim countries over the past century. The Christians flee to Europe, and the Jews flee to either Europe or Israel. So if the Jews in Israel return the complement to the Muslim Arab ethnic cleansers, by doing a bit of ethnic cleansing themselves of the Arabs in Israel, why should you or I care?

The problem for the Arabs, is that in the same way that the Europeans and Asians in Africa were the backbone of the economy of most African countries, before the stupid black Africans drove them out, the Jews and Christians were the economic backbone of all Arab Muslim countries. By driving out their most productive for religious reasons, the stupid Arabs and Africans destroyed their own economies. Now the Arab Muslims all want to go to Europe and be financially supported by the people they drove out of their own lands. No wonder Israel is doing so well, they got the productive people the Arabs expelled.

And thank you for using the Jews to point out that people can be more loyal to their own race, culture, and religion than to the countries they immigrate into. That is why I don't support multiculturalism. Of course the Jews in every country support Israel, and of course the Arab Muslims support terrorists and the extermination of Israel. The difference being, the Jews in the West are notorious for their industry and low crime rates, while the Arab Muslims are notorious for their high levels of welfare dependency, high crime rates, and even support for terrorism against the west.

That's why intelligent people support the Jews
Posted by LEGO, Saturday, 30 May 2020 6:56:53 AM
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