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Australia's economic, social and environmental future : Comments

By Chris Lewis, published 8/1/2020

Entering a new decade in 2020, can Australia improve its economic, social and environmental policy mix at time of unprecedented policy difficulties?

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It could, but only with a new broom through our parliaments and the rationalisation of government. We clearly do not need three tiers of government and councils that have trebled Maroyol salaries with disastrous ill-conceived amalgamation!

Removal of non-essential and replaceable state government would finally make one country, one country! These anachronisms are and have been very costly ( 70 + annual billions) roadblocks in the path of economic development! And economic harmony!

And we could lose these vestiges of colonialism without ever once sacrificing amenity or the social services they allegedly supply!

And without an increased workforce at either local council or federal level if this long-overdue reform includes vastly increased regional autonomy and a return of unpaid volunteer boards in our hospitals and essential service provision, water, electricity and so on.

Current state-funded health care and education could instead be funded as a means-tested endowment the recipient directs as required and then allow all those providing such services compete for the consumer's allocated dollar.

This decentralising simplicity would render most state governments mostly redundant and consequently easier to remove? And reduce current costs by as much as 30%? Money that could be instead used to fund a veritable plethora of long-overdue infrastructure and safe AFFORDABLE CARBON FREE nuclear power,

Rapid rail and the decarbonisation of our economy in a manner that turbocharges economic opportunities/development! And massively improve our social amenities! Without also growing the population above natural replacement!

We should do this for us, not 50 million economic migrants baying at the gates, made homeless principally by a lack of action on disastrous climate change by the responsible bodies/governments!
Alan B.
Posted by Alan B., Wednesday, 8 January 2020 11:42:42 AM
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Alan, I cringe whenever I see/hear anything that overstates a situation, because it means that it is not as serious as made out to be.
I'm talking about this latest topic of GW and CC.
Sure we have SOME evidence of changes to previous data of many things, one of these is the climate.
What we don't have is clear and incontestable proof and conclusions of the exact structure and outcomes of these reams of data and information collected over time, and even if we accepted the current panic topic, we do not have anything to confirm the severity or the time-line on it's progress.
So I say, until we get real and credible forecasting of the actual future of this GW and CC thing, and it's true impact on future climate, I for one will not change a thing, as I have found that it's threat to humanity is NOT as serious as we are being told.
So for me, I expect my economic, social and environmental future will be no different than it is toady.
Posted by ALTRAV, Thursday, 9 January 2020 11:45:06 AM
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