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The Forum > Article Comments > How the US China trade war caused the bond bubble > Comments

How the US China trade war caused the bond bubble : Comments

By Michael Knox, published 3/10/2019

Understanding the Marxist thinking of Chinese communist leadership allows us to understand why China is an essentially commodities orientated country.

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A trade war harms those who impose the tariffs as much or more than the targeted economy.

And death by a thousand cuts for both major economies as others fall over an economic cliff!

I think a better response would and should be to do the last thing China could want?

And declare it a developed economy, as well as recognise Taiwan!

And if they continue with their hostile trading activities?

Just empose a complete embargo on all their trade goods, until they change course and the sabre-rattling human rights abuse garbage!

I've said for years and years, we needed to find other trading partners as opposed to getting into the bed with the devil, for what? Forty pieces of allegorical silver?

The next boom will be the food boom and we should do what needs to be done and now, so we can not only take advantage of that, butt drought-proof the nation as we do! We cannot make it rain but we can desalinate as much water as we need!

Moreover, we just not need to wait like some poor beggar waiting or some price gouging, tax-avoiding, profit repatriating foreigner to come and do it for us!

If the rest of the developed democratised world stops trading with that nation for a week, month, then a year, China will realise she has just gone too far with the bluster and bully-boy diplomacy! And change course.

Particularly if the rest of the world demonstrates, we can as we did! Manage without her! She will understand which side of the bread has the butter on.

Other than that, it's high time the rest of the world started imposing an exponentially increasing carbon tariff on all goods with a carbon footprint!

And a country like China with its monumental coal-fired power has got to have a forty-fifty per cent carbon tariff placed on their trade goods, ditto all the other big polluters, otherwise, no real action will be taken to address climate change!
Alan B.
Posted by Alan B., Thursday, 3 October 2019 1:32:12 PM
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