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The Forum > Article Comments > The eclipsing of Moon Jae-In > Comments

The eclipsing of Moon Jae-In : Comments

By Felix Imonti, published 16/7/2019

Two years into Moon's single five-year term, his voter approval has declined from 80 to less than 50 percent. His economic policies have achieved little and his diplomatic efforts to restore warmer relations with the North are only a facade.

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Moon is what I would describe as a bootlicking numbskull. Moreover looking more and more with each illogical twist and turn as a toothless Putin's puppet!?

The proposition put in by Putin, is good for oil and gas oligarch Putin! But not so much for South Korea! If all that it took to solve the problems in the south and by inference and implication much of those of a poverty-riddled north, was cheap reliable energy?

Then the obvious solution is MSR thorium. And power prices as low as 3 cents PKWH, which would quite massively resuscitate the auto industry of the south. But particularly if it moves ASAP to full electric vehicle production.

Somewhere we could and should be headed if only we had leaders able to put the country and her people first!

Instead, we have the eternal bun fight over the leather polishing of the treasury benches along with cheap political points scoring, divide and rule strategies and other similar insanities.

Our manufacturing sector all be forced offshore, our rivers, dried up river beds and we just dig another hole in the ground to foster the profit curve of tax avoiding, price gouging, profit repatriating, debt-laden foreign investors! Almost as if that was the only game in town! And as such, Mr moon has a most exemplary example!
Alan B.
Posted by Alan B., Tuesday, 16 July 2019 11:29:23 AM
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'Our manufacturing sector all be forced offshore'

Which parallel universe are you living in...?
Australians couldn't wait to gorge themselves on cheap Chinese products manufactured by the very Australian companies who went to China.
Now because you're forced to eat rice you want to blame anyone but the Australians themselves for being distracted by the illusion...the packaging....
The Chinese are capable of manufacturing excellent products but the quality being imported to Australia is dictated by the likes of Bunnings etc....whatever is highly profitable...short legs and need to be replaced more often by tradesmanship that doesn't exist.

Quality went out the door and you have what you have.
Australia, like all else, is the end result of all that went before it the US....thought they could live like kings on beer money....then they woke up when it was too late.

Life is in the struggle....and the sum total of this society has never struggled.
The most they have are first world problems....what tattoo should I get this week
Posted by Special Delivery, Tuesday, 16 July 2019 8:23:40 PM
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