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The panic into quality : Comments

By Michael Knox, published 2/11/2018

This is not that bear market, this is a bull market correction. The reason we know this is not a bear market is that we have two tests.

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There's just too much growth, too much alleged profit, the economy is growing too well and equities are therefore too valuable and too overpriced, with telling P to E returns far too small.

And too much risk of this debt-funded house of cards tumbling down in a wild crisis where all the panickers see too much risk in hanging around any longer? And all heading for the exist sign saving or taking what they can, as the US debt continues ever onward and upward, up into never ever charted new heights and still grows by a trillion a year.

With the only prospect in sight, a war of disastrous ruination that takes out the creditors and their claims on US treasury.

Chapter 11 may well work locally but cannot be applied to the international market! Even someone six times bankrupt in the U S of A, ought to at least be aware of that and get the mother of all arms races underway, to sell enough armaments to all comers to start making inroads into unrepayable debt!?

This is not a bull market nor a bear market, but rather an asylum where the inmates have taken over and are running the joint using purloined credit cards, sending out for pizza? Allegorically speaking.

Waiting for the collapse and glad I'm out!
Alan B.
Posted by Alan B., Saturday, 3 November 2018 11:20:03 AM
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Alan, and good for you.
I'd like to think my house is in order, but owning property in this new environment can be the Achilles heel.
I am at near completion stage of a 4 dwelling development which I aimed at the 'first home buyers'.
The main bulk of my properties are industrial, and even though the 'for sale, for lease' signs are well and truly 'up an at em', (not mine) they are everywhere, at a rate greater than previously seen.
I believe Australia has been pushed to the brink finally, and all for the sake of greed and a misguided union and groups like the greens.
between them they have killed ALL major labour required industries.
All we have left are mining, grains and livestock.
The drought is taking care of the farming industries demise, and the greens and the nut jobs are hard at it to ruin the livestock trade.
So all we need is for these sick bastards to turn their attention to killing the mining industry, and we are all set for a depression.
Can't wait.
So all that's left is to dig in and wait while we see millions of Australians trying to survive in this fanatically and union driven failure of a govt and economy.
Posted by ALTRAV, Saturday, 3 November 2018 5:32:32 PM
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Wise investments Altrave, can't go wrong serving the bottom of the rental market!

Our mining industry far from ruined, with Lithium and rare earth miners almost fail-safe investments. As for industrials?

Think seriously of setting up, manufacturing under licence from the Dutch owners, a plant making deionisation dialysis desalination water treatment plants. Or biogas from human waste using the locally invented two tank system, which when connected to ceramic fuel cells, give an energy coefficient of 80%, or if you will, four times better than coal!

Or assembling Chinese electric vehicles.

Got a few with very reasonable range and more than capable of highway speed, and for around $7,000 AUD, per unit? Couldn't turn them out as fast as anticipated demand?

Do your own research to understand that you can't fail with that if you are the early bird. As for coal mining? The future for thermal coal has to be in the conversion of the methane content into transport fuel and the residual carbon content, possibly suitable for the production of manmade graphene.

Leave it with you, as something to research and ponder as your reach your own informed conclusions.

Everywhere one looks, there's always a positive element to every negative outcome.

Good luck with your investment plans, many would completely approve of!
Cheers, Alan B.
Posted by Alan B., Sunday, 4 November 2018 9:59:52 AM
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