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If the model is broken, fix it : Comments

By Gwynne Dyer, published 7/5/2018

UBI may not work in practice, but at least it is addressing the right problem, and there is enough money to take this approach.

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If the book is anything like this, it certainly will not be a best seller. Just as there are 'comedians' now who have replaced humour with the 'f' word to get laughs from half-pissed, naive young audiences, there are people like this who think rubbishing Donald Trump makes up for lack of intellect and knowledge.
Posted by ttbn, Monday, 7 May 2018 1:59:37 PM
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If the model is broken, should you try to fix it, or should you scrap it and get a new one? Gwynne Dyer asks.
I say "If this is an example of the 2018 model for journalism, we most certainly should relegate it to the trash"
Maybe I'm being harsh, after all the style of writing isn't so bad; it's just the substance - it's complete garbage.

Now I don't have all the fancy qualifications the author has, but I can still figure out the answers to these problems.
'Flaws in Democracy and Western Society' blah-blah-blah...

Why is it they can't? Or is it they really don't want to, and they want to sell us something else?

I want to remind readers always beware, and read the fine print.
They always sell these kinds of things as the answers, (UBI) but really they might just be solutions to problems they caused themselves, either deliberately (for the purposes of imposing some new thing like this) or through their own incompetence and mismanagement of the nation in the first instance.
This thing might seem like the answer to a nations poverty.
But by giving every citizen money, every citizen will then be slave to the state.

It's bs - it doesn't have to be this way.

- The problem is giving money as welfare - but not giving the opportunity of a job instead. -
Hear me out.
Western Society is a broken '3-legged barstool'.
You need three things;
Socialist Base-level Education; (Public Schools)
Socialist Base-level Healthcare; (Public Hospitals)
Socialst Base-level JOBS - Give Jobs and opportunity to help oneself instead of a handout.
Double Unemployment Benefit - Working Full-Time - Doing things to help the government save money.

Why do you need all 3?
Why cant we just give welfare?

Because you need to create a system that rewards hard-work, and keeps people useful.
Why should the workers pay for the non-workers?
That means its a system where if ever YOU want to get ahead, you must also first pay for all the other bums.
Posted by Armchair Critic, Monday, 7 May 2018 3:39:01 PM
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It also means destruction of the country first by debt, then ruled by bankers, and global government interests whose bought and paid for politicians engineers the immigrants and destruction in the first place.

If you want an effective system, it needs to be Cloward and Piven-proof.
The US is a is a 3-legged barstool with 2 broken legs, and ours is a 3 legged barstool with 1 broken leg.

Why do people who want to work have to do nothing?
Why pay $250 and get nothing, when you can pay $500 and get a full time worker?
Why not make the 5% unemployed workers that capitalism requires to prevent wage growth into a useable workforce in their own right?

You can't have free education and welfare unless you have a way to pay for it.
It's not fair and it's not efficient.
We need socialist base level jobs to strengthen capitalism and make it work properly.

Then you use that workforce to reduce the costs on government by building infrastructure;
that lowers transport and energy costs (making the country more competitive internationally) creates more business opportunities and jobs in the private sector.

- The Job you have when you don't have a job -
Remove the 'I can't get a Job excuse, and create a culture of employment within the ranks of the unemployed.
Participation earns 'Training Credits' similar to Working Credits, but to be spent on skills.
And then you lower the cost of skills by mass training app-based systems, owned by government.
And the app runs the job-search / skills matching for jobs in the socialist jobs based system.
Make it community-based and combine it with registered charities and help people make smarter life choices and not screw up.
Bad Relationship choices, Bad Financial Choices, is it really that hard to teach people how not to be so dumb?
Well I don't think so, but you could just make things that easy for people to succeed, or alternatively that hard to fail in life; that only a complete idiot could screw it up.
Posted by Armchair Critic, Monday, 7 May 2018 3:43:34 PM
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Interesting how many times people rabbit on about rightest parties etc being NAZIs.
They do not seem to have ever learnt that NAZI is an abbreviation for
National Socialist Party !

That party was out and out lefties.
The lefties today just cannot stand it, absolute horror !
Interestingly todays lefties are acting in a very similar way, as you
can see the way they riot at universities etc. Ever seen some of the
prewar NAZI riots in Germany ?
It is actually quite chilling when you recognise the similarity.
They have not yet got to the gas chamber stage.

Whoops, some did suggest gaoling climate deniers, Gestapo anyone ?
Posted by Bazz, Monday, 7 May 2018 9:41:46 PM
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Technology is replacing Humans almost everywhere except the shearing shed. We should have a plan for that time when factories roll day and night with few if any human hands are in any way involved? When ordering and delivery systems are almost completely automated. We have few choices, introduce a universal wage if only to ensure there's enough domestic consumption to support the domestic economy. We can reject the current dog eat dog capitalist model and the race to the bottom it engenders, along with all those politicians who are welded to it for life! In favour of a far more inclusive cooperative capitalism. Based on the increased economic well being we could generate if we adopt Nuclear energy as MSR thorium and use it to burn other folk's nuclear waste. Then use the virtually free almost limitless power to turbocharge our deep in do-do, manufacturing sector. and supply space age desalinated water to terraform our arid desert wastelands, to make them productive gardens of Eden. Finally, we are all ageing and there will be more aged folk with more voting power than any other demographic soon! Therefore we need to embrace older folk and even encourage more of them to come here to retire en masse as this is where most of the growth in unskilled jobs will come from! Even as automated mowers take care of the lawns and robot vacs clean out our houses. So caring for oldies won't be so labour intensive just time-consuming. Alternatively, we can just euthanize all the old folk to liberate their wealth and property. Forget that they paid the taxes that saw the young folk make to adulthood, supported in so many ways by the old boy's tax. I remember when personal tax was sixty cents in the dollar. I know because I was one of the mugs paying it and also engaged in some of the most dangerous occupations known. So, I'm a bit tired of johnny come lately now whining about his taxes supporting the old, frail, disabled or terminally ill! Alan B.
Posted by Alan B., Monday, 7 May 2018 11:27:56 PM
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