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The Forum > Article Comments > Should CBD parking be buried? > Comments

Should CBD parking be buried? : Comments

By Alan Davies, published 21/2/2018

Melbourne City Council wants to ban above-ground parking in new developments but doesn't have a clue what the wider implications of such a change might be.

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There are a few other options not mentioned here, because of the prohibitive cost of energy!?

They include, weight/demand activated moving walkways that connect to suspended monorails. Monorails can use existing streets and very slim, buried support poles down the centre of existing roads. These in turn would funnel commuters on to inner urban and fast commuter rail.

Trams and their million miles of wires could be progressively replaced with electric buses/trolleybuses. That use magnetic interfaces and super capacitors to recharge at scheduled stops.

The fact they can move out to get past parked cars would mitigate against some parking area shortfalls.

Besides, trolley buses are quieter and quicker than 18th century, clanking trams! Moreover, the high voltage overhead wiring is both a menace and vulnerable!

I mean, why this preoccupation with cars?

Anyway, the era of completely Autonomous cars is virtually here and these items can be encouraged with free parking outside the central CBD, and where they can autonomously park after they've dropped their passengers?

After that and if more parking is essential and space is limited. Little of the available underground is currently in use?

And could be easily constructed where we have convenient sandstone stratas, as bored tunnels, replete with elongated little drifts etc/etc. Cutters could be energy dependant, water monitors loaded with sand! And cut through most rock like a hot knife through butter!

Finally we need to embrace intelligent decentralization, as opposed to stacking and racking people into smaller and smaller more expensive, overcrowded space. Our government acts for us, not the pecuniary pursuits of avaricious, inner city developers/landlords!

The only drawback is the current prohibitive cost of the required construction specific, energy component!

Only changed government policy and a technology agnostic, for real, policy might change that plus, or by including, government sponsored, facilitated and financed employee owned and operated energy co-ops!?

The missing, best practise most efficient ingredient! And routinely ignored by abysmally ignorant, we know best elitists!
Alan B.
Posted by Alan B., Wednesday, 21 February 2018 2:52:24 PM
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Yep, the push is definitely on.

Remember the song, "Little Boxes". We are on the way. First take away our cars. Then stick us in little boxes, stacked up high, like a carton of sardines in tins.

Make us ask for an autonomous car, if we want to go anywhere. It is just a short step to making us ask permission to go anywhere we want to go.

There is the future the elites have in mind for us. Like laboratory rats in cages, with about as much self determination.

God help our grand kids, if our kids don't wake up & start fighting damn soon.
Posted by Hasbeen, Wednesday, 21 February 2018 8:15:51 PM
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