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The Forum > Article Comments > Health and well-being for the middle-aged? > Comments

Health and well-being for the middle-aged? : Comments

By Patricia Edgar, Don Edgar and Briony Dow, published 4/10/2017

Urbanisation in under-developed countries has, in itself, improved the health and life expectancy of millions of people worldwide.

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Urbanisation is good for the health of middle aged!? Well there could be a grain of truth in such hugely under researched, wild assertion?

In fact, urbanisation seems to have an economic sweet spot at around thirty thousand souls? To thereafter, just become a place where the crime rate and mental health issues, accelerate exponentially faster than population growth?

Only in large urban areas is it possible to become invisible to the point of being dead two full weeks, so that the offensive smell coming from and elderly lady's bedsit, was all that alerted her URBAN neighbors of her demise.

As always, with a particular cohort of Architects and town planners/developers? They have a self serving vested interest in their opinions being seen as coherent erstwhile research?

Even so still just as valuable, as civic service, if applied to carbon reducing decentralisation and urban sanity!

As opposed to stack em and rack em, tinned people! And maximised profits for urban developers!?

And to hell with 2.5 times average city dweller carbon footprints, as the inevitable consequence of GRIDLOCK congestion/urban "renewal". When measured against country cousins?

The inmates now in charge of the asylum? Ratatattat! OMG! Fifty killed, hundreds wounded?

Ah yes, urban development/human herding and stressful crowding does seem to have "positive" health consequences, but only if measured against profit curves and bank balances?
Alan B.
Posted by Alan B., Wednesday, 4 October 2017 10:48:31 AM
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If the government would stop sending the Australian peopleís money to overseas countries.
And build tiny home- villages for people over 70years. Old people would sell their big homes
which they donít need anymore, thus flooding the market with big family homes and allotments
driving the prices down, making it much easier for younger people looking for larger family homes

But given that Politicians and the wealthy,themselves, have a lot of their wealth tied up in investment in property maybe they donít really want house prices to go down.

Crime is another factor, where the sentences are too light and the thugs keep being
returned to the community to re-offend.
Job and income insecurity is another stressor with older workers not wanted in the workforce.

I agree, too much social isolation is not a good thing.

Alan B.
I agree with your point about big cities not being as socially inclusive as smaller towns and breeding crime because in big cities nobody knows you so you can commit crimes without being recognised
And you donít have a community relationship with the people you commit crimes against.

Also, again because you are anonymous in big cities you donít feel ashamed when you are c
Like you do when the whole town or community knows you and knows your family.

Posted by CHERFUL, Friday, 6 October 2017 11:33:26 PM
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