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The Forum > Article Comments > Kurdistan's referendum gamble > Comments

Kurdistan's referendum gamble : Comments

By Binoy Kampmark, published 3/10/2017

Iraq remains a construction, an artificial confection of miscellaneous, often murderous groups brought about by the Sykes-Picot agreement of 1916.

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The Australia we know today didn't come into being in 1770, but only with federation, over a hundred years later.

Iraq loses nothing by choosing to become a federation, of three states.

Let Turkey, who already gave their Kurdish minority, regional autonomy. Stop this endless interference inside another nation's sovereign borders.

The turkish tyrant is quite massively served by internal division! And confected and stage managed division at that.

And looked like being soundly trashed at the polls until the negotiated peace was shattered by that bomb that killed peace celebrating kurds.

And how convenient for the turkish tyrant, who has since cemented his position by gagging the press and most of his main opposition! Many of who now languish in prison!

And straight out of Putin's handbook?

What's wrong with these folks? Do they want to force the Kurd into ISIS camp?

Not for nothing is it writ large, a fool never learns! Or, that you can fool all of people some of the time!

This seems to be that time, particularly in a "secular" Turkey?
Alan B.
Posted by Alan B., Tuesday, 3 October 2017 9:23:50 PM
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You're such a weak journalist Binoy.
You'd make a great reporter at the ABC or maybe over at 'Independent Australia'.
Why would you want to be a pathetic journalist and not instead dig up the real stories?

I'm still waiting for you to report on Awan Brothers and the spy-ring in US congress, waiting for you to expose the shipping of weapons to rebels under diplomatic immunity on civilian aircraft...
And you could've written a good story here too, but you didn't.

"After this, let's see through which channels the northern Iraqi regional government will send its oil, or where it will sell it." As oil is life, the president is keen to remind the upstarts of the KRG that Ankara controls "the tap. The moment we close the tap, then it's done."

I remember a story about Bilal Erdogan buying ISIS oil from the Kurds and shipping it to Israel for refinement at prices below market value.
- You could have discussed that?

Or maybe the fact that ANTIFA is sending it's people to Northern Syria for training for Communist Revolutions?

No? Well your really boring aren't you?

I mean really this whole Kurdistan thing almost looks to me like the second Bolshevik Revolution, just without the assassination of Russian royalty, and inclusive of feminists.
I'm sure you'll kill a few Russians anyway.

READ THEM!! - And write me a real story you establishment shill.
Posted by Armchair Critic, Thursday, 5 October 2017 8:56:37 AM
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- From previous link

"Presently international anarchists, socialists, and communist revolutionaries are actively involved in the struggle in Rojava. They are involved at the civic level, participate in the militias, write reports for those back home, and deliver supplies. At very least there is an alliance between such actors abroad and at home. By traveling to a dangerous location, often to put their lives at risk by participating in combat, these comrades have shown their commitment to the project. When these fighters return home, they will be able to put their knowledge to use, to help further the struggles there.

What has been confirmed many times over by the individuals and groups who have traveled to Rojava, whether to report back about what is happening, to engage in the struggle, or to help with civic projects, is that the goals of international revolutionaries and those participating in this social experiment are the same. The active engagement of anti-authoritarian revolutionaries is key to the success of any revolutionary undertaking. This could mean traveling to the region to participate, or this could mean actively engaging in struggle back home, or it could simply mean spreading accurate knowledge about the practices there.

Rojava has articulated a new set of tools, proven the efficacy of feminism, and demonstrated how to achieve the highest level of humanization of people through a stateless solution and anti-capitalist practice. This work has not only made massive advances in the region, but brought these forms of organizing to a broader swathe of the population, from the Democratic Federal System of Northern Syria to regions abroad. This new paradigm for revolution has rejuvenated the struggle for smaller groups of anarchists and anti-authoritarians in cities to indigenous resistance at risk from neoliberal or capitalist enterprises, to armed guerrilla armies around the world. The longevity of this model rests on the connection with and success of such struggles around the world.

We propose revolutionary solidarity as the ideal way to engage with the social experiment in Rojava, the new revolutionary paradigm of the 21st century."
Posted by Armchair Critic, Thursday, 5 October 2017 9:06:26 AM
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What about that ANTIFA plans to start a second American revolution on November 4 Binoy?

What's so special about November 4?
- 100yr anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution.


You did study political journalism at Australian taxpayers expense did you not? The people here provided you with a cash free loan to become qualified in your area of expertise so INFORM THEM!!

Stop being an establishment shill!!
Posted by Armchair Critic, Thursday, 5 October 2017 9:07:22 AM
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