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The Forum > Article Comments > The UN has a problem: it's not just gender violence, it's child rape > Comments

The UN has a problem: it's not just gender violence, it's child rape : Comments

By Andrew MacLeod, published 7/7/2017

If a United Nations official in New York raped an American child, there would be hell to pay. Similarly, if a UN official in Geneva raped a Swiss child, there would be an outcry.

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The identified scale of the problem simply beggars belief!

While while one can and does completely agree with the Author's position and concerns! One notes that the Author was unable to provide so much as a single workable solution! But seems to want someone else, or anyone else provide the answers, to sometimes cultural acceptance?

With some cultures accepting both child brides and child bride consummation, as normal?

What will change that and routine genocide? Who will police the problem, with volunteers!

Volunteers being essential, given as we saw in blackhawk down, many lives sacrificed policing, unacceptable, stone age, primitive, dehumanizing behavior!

One recalls the lightly armed Dutch repose, when as UN blue helmets, they turned away many young bosnian male Muslims seeking sanctuary from subsequent genocide/mass murder! Given the lightly armed Dutch blue helmets could have escalated the conflict into something far worse with resistance!?

If the UN wants the blue helmet brigade to do more, it needs to ensure the troops selected are culturally acceptable for the task and that they are adequately manned and resourced, with a single responsible leadership enabled to use its own initiative!

Moreover they need both HEAVY armor and complete air control!

Rather than be effectively hamstrung by lines of Authority/command!

As for those found guilty of child rape. When tasked with protecting victims of mindless violence/genocide?

Castration or a firing squad at dawn would be too good for these animals/monsters!

Castration would at least serve as a living example for others who think this practise is "culturally" acceptable! And needs to be mandatory and immediate, when it's proven with irrefutable evidence or witnessed!

Sadly, there always seems to be a yawning chasm between what needs to happen and what actually occurs!

Nor can we punish or exclude an entire culture for the crimes of a recalcitrant few!
Alan B.
Posted by Alan B., Friday, 7 July 2017 2:39:31 PM
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This problem lies in the age-old male privilege of occupying armies. On the one hand, the universal soldier is a heroic figure celebrated and canonised in countless national military commemorations. On the other hand, occupying and invading armies have total control over civilian populations at the point of a gun and in their ability to withhold food and other vital resources. What a brilliant licence to exploit!

Global regimes don't want to sully the reputation of the soldiers they steadfastly canonise as heroes 'sacrificing' themselves so that we can be 'free'. The analogy with pedophile priests is appropriate. Sanctified heroes can do no wrong.
Posted by Killarney, Friday, 7 July 2017 11:36:16 PM
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What a brilliant opportunity for male hating Killarney to get some anti male sh!t off her liver! As always overlooks the boy who becomes the man, and who moulded that man!

Every boy has a, oft times indulgent and forgiving mother, and most of the formative years are spent at the mother's knee, learning every culturally acceptable attitude he takes with him wherever he goes, for the rest of his life!

Putting women in charge didn't change very much? Not Cleopatra, Catherine the Great, Maggie Thatcher etc/etc. And almost to a "man" more butch and aggressive than almost any comparative man!

And you'd be in good company Madam!

Some years ago I heard about a Kiwi college Professor, who unlike you Madam, wanted to understand why "men" had so little control over their biological urges. So as she tells it, arranged to have monthly testosterone injections, (3) until she matched the average 19 year old male testosterone levels, the demographic under scrutiny.

After the first monthly injection she reports, you couldn't wipe the smile off hubby's face.

But when the second month and injection came he after commenting not infrequently about the unusual level of body hair, when scrubbing her back in the shower, seemed to be scurrying off, while she went husband hunting. And when she did find him, inevitably had her way.

And almost immediately following a climax soon found that she thought she could go again, to under performing hubby's apparent visible dismay.

The third month and injection, saw him reportedly climbing onto the roof and pulling the ladder up after him!

You should try it madam, preferably before you have another anti male testosterone and testicular tirade!

It is in the male genes to be protective of the mate and their children. And often transferred into the battlefield, where the brothers in arms become the pseudo family!

And where two of my Irish grand uncles won victoria crosses, posthumously. The male heroes you denigrate so generously and easily!

Parenthetically, the pioneers that pioneered the Alaskan wilderness were all men, so also were the women!
Alan B.
Posted by Alan B., Saturday, 8 July 2017 4:25:08 PM
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Alan B

The men pioneered the Alaskan wilderness.

Yes they went on wonderful great adventures, whilst women were left
at home caring for 10 children.

I'd like to have seen them pioneer the wilderness with 10 small children in tow,
What a laugh!

Yes the male rape culture particularly in Africa, Muslim countries and India.
Is driving the 7billion people, in the world. This is driving all the wars, and poverty, not to mention environmental distruction.
Of course it's the big white elephant in the United Nations, I've said so a few times before. All the United Nations
ever does is blame western countries, for the poverty
and war that is really caused by men thinking they have the right to control women's bodies.

The American army has been extremely disciplined in this regard, because they know
they will be arrested and put on trial if anything like rape is reported to the American
authorities and particularly, the newspapers.
I'm not saying there aren't or haven't been cases in the last 15years.
But they have been isolated cases and there have been trials.

I'm not talking about 30 or 40years ago. Western culture has become even more
condemning of this behaviour since then, and the modern day media is not kept out of the war zones,
they are allowed free reign to report these things.

Also American command is very aware of the need to keep local populations onside,
and the soldiers are made very aware that sexual assualt against civilian populations will see them hauled
before law courts at home to spend some years in prison.
It's the rape culture countries that are allowing their peacekeeping soldiers to do
this, and not allowing it to be reported.
Posted by CHERFUL, Saturday, 8 July 2017 9:32:57 PM
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No one is defending indefensible child rape! Or by whomever!

Someone I know personally, was as a nine year old boy, raped by a Nymphomaniac, who withheld food until she gained compliance, complemented with food reward. And in a so called first world country!

I also know of young boys raped and ripped anally by inhuman monsters pretending to be humans or holier than thou, hiding in plain sight, priests.

Reporting got me horsewhipped black and blue, with a two metre long length of rubber pipe! And needing to take my tea from the mantelpiece for nigh on two months!

I went instinctively to the rescue of a young rape victim, before any real harm could be done and copped a considerable beating from three men for my troubles, aged just 14!

My own sister was beaten within an inch of her life by a nazi youth trained monster, for failing to open her legs on demand!

We found her cowering in a ramshackle hen house, the only available refuge! And unrecognisable! And needed emergency surgery and a new set of teeth!

I rented a room across the road and waited three days and night for the bar steward to show his face! I'm told he died of a heart attack aged just in his late forties.

There's more, but that would make me sound like some kind of big noting blowhard, which I can assure you I'm not! Regardless of the scars, ruptured testicale and broken body!

This stuff comes very close to home and will never ever be a platform for men-hating feminazi activists, [as long as I draw breath,] to put the boot into "men", some of whom are inherently decent brothers and fathers, with some still in harm's way!
Alan B.
Posted by Alan B., Sunday, 9 July 2017 11:29:05 AM
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There is also problems caused by what is known as "Values conflict".

This occurs when one culture tries to impose their values onto another.

Killarney writes about the male privilege of occupying armies, and this is a difficult one, for example it is emotive argument to start with. Throughout out history there have been what is known as camp followers, men, women, children who will trade various things for food, in order to survive.

Written reports especially in the media are sensationalised to create an emotional response and we only need to look at SBS Vikings to have our prejudices confirmed.

So we beg to wonder what is really the truth? About what is being reported.

So is the civilian population being exploited or is the occupying force that is being exploited?

The civilian populations have according to the history books, formed romantic relationships with the occupying forces, vikings marry and settle down to become farmers (doesn't that sound romantic).

The word culture is such a fluid concept, and cultures that were perhaps rigid structures, do change over time. So to draw the inference that there is a "Rape Culture" is a conceptualisation where all liaisons between the native occupiers and the adventurers and armed forces is being viewed a rape culture, regardless of the fact that many of these liaisons may have been consensual.
Posted by Wolly B, Tuesday, 11 July 2017 3:23:39 PM
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