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A sad day for Turkey : Comments

By Alon Ben-Meir, published 24/4/2017

The razor-thin victory of Turkey's President Erdogan in the referendum held on April 16 in fact denies Erdogan the mandate to govern with the sweeping powers.

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The vote had no legitimacy, given the sheer volume of informal votes!? Without which and the enormous gagging of silenced opposition,and the free press, he'd have lost hands down!

Anyone contemplating attending the dawn ceremony at Gallipoli? Would be well advised to give it a miss this year! Where they may become more collateral damage in this man power game!?

But most worrying is the (52?) Nuclear warheads currently positioned in Turkey and possibly under this monsters personal control? Or soon to be?

Pity the average gullible Turk, patently sold a bill of goods in this, illogical irrational man's clearly covert campaign to steal absolute power over them, with a barely veiled, hugely callous cowardly kaleidoscope of confected or plainly stage managed outcomes or "concerns"!?

One of the lessons of history has to be Herr Hitler and the way most decent Germans were fooled by powerful and impassioned nationalistic oratory and the mob psychology that enabled the lunacy clearly apparent in that oratory to destroy basic common sense!

Could we be seeing a power grab replay occurring before our very eyes in formerly peaceful ally, Turkey? With the targeted and very convenient ethnic minority, the Kurds?

The difference this time? Turkey has one of the largest stand armies in NATO and enough nuclear might on its soil to destroy the world!

And could easily form an unholy alliance with Iran and Russia. All headed by extremely autocratic administrations!

We here in Australia have two choices, to become an island of sanity in a world going mad, with cash and carry trade proffered to all who want our commodities; or, get serious about totally independent self reliant self defence!

One of the other lessons of history, was the recorded reason a neutral Switzerland was never attacked by the almost invincible Nazi war machine, was the fact it was an armed camp, with all its strategic material and manpower, well positioned in mountainous terrain!

Therefore the rationalists inside Nazi high command rationalized that the cost would be far greater than any part of the prize, or strategic value!?
Alan B.
Posted by Alan B., Monday, 24 April 2017 10:55:32 AM
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