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The Forum > Article Comments > Supply crunch or oil glut: investment banks can't agree > Comments

Supply crunch or oil glut: investment banks can't agree : Comments

By Tsvetana Paraskova, published 18/4/2017

Although last year's low discovery volumes won't have an immediate effect on global supply, they could influence supply a decade or so into the future.

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Any banker with a brain knows that we're not short of energy options and that the best most affordable and safest is being deliberately suppressed by big oil and big nuclear/covertly compliant authorities!?

Here I'm referring to thorium, cheap, clean, safe abundant thorium.

Why, it's postulated one could, with just 8 grams of thorium power the average domicile and family wagon for a century, without ever needing to refuel? And only a question of time before it is powering completely autonomous flying cars?

And given an aimed laser seems to excite a reaction as does a concentrated solar beam aimed at the central tower, in a solar thermal array, where both thorium and lithium are included, one sees this as both a hope and a threat.

The idea seems to be to have the excited molten salt thorium heat something,(gas or liquid) have the expanding medium turn something, (engine or turbine/alternator)after which condensation returns it as a cooled medium able to again and again, produce the same result day in day out? Like as happens in a fridge or air conditioner!

And given the estimated cost of recovering that 8 grams of thorium from ordinary dirt, is as little as $100.00, that's just $1.00 a year to power both the house and the family jalopy?

Moreover, given the huge 1.8 trillion barrel reserve at Edmonton, only needs the application of affordable heat to aid its almost complete recovery, and given a thorium reactor is that same, extraordinarily affordable walk away safe heat!

Investment banks would be wise to sit on their hands for awhile!

At least until the promise of (officially suppressed) thorium is fulfilled! And given at least two major economies are throwing billions out of both self interest and pragmatism, it's just a question of time before the rest of the world will have (Chinese or Indian) thorium powered vehicles and miniaturized reactors powering all manner of on site applications?

Yes there'd need to be some minimal(tri annual)maintenance/regassing, which ordinarily, goes without saying?
Alan B.
Posted by Alan B., Tuesday, 18 April 2017 5:13:02 PM
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