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The Forum > Article Comments > Next oil rally? Futures say market is tightening > Comments

Next oil rally? Futures say market is tightening : Comments

By Nicholas Cunningham, published 3/3/2017

Just as the rapid rise of floating storage in 2015 and 2016 was a sign of the deepening global supply imbalance, draining tankers of stored oil is an early sign that the supply glut is receding.

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Glimmers can go as quickly as they came and just as quickly disappear as the tilt in the kilt hit by an electrical discharge during an unwise testicular contact with an electrified fence. (I said cross between clicks Bradley!)

Oil and the continuing glut is entirely reliant on peace and unfettered access to traditional shipping channels. Without which we here in Australia, could find not only our refined products drying up but our exports of coal, iron ore and gas as well? Capishe?

And all predicted by this writer time and again! Also the vulnerability of deliberately, but diabolically dumb, rationed housing! All so a few fat cats can continue to amass enormous wealth?

Mr Trump needs conflict to shore up his position as the most powerful man in the west. And quite capable of unholy and unthinkable alliances, if that'll serve his purpose and Putin's?

With an emerging superpower the common target and common perceived threat?

It really is time sanity and surety of supply trumped the quick buck from highly manipulated supply lines, that are anything but secure!

And our security just as tenuous as those things we rely on to ensure it! First and foremost, the fuel that supports all of it! And that means homegrown supplies and exploration must command a premium and or tax breaks or all the above!

Moreover, only complete idiots would now continue to try and block the peaceful development of thorium as a principle source of energy. Given that may well end this mindless preoccupation with the futures and return investment into production and long term reliable assured returns you can bank!

Ramped up weapons development may serve the extremely avaricious "needs" of a few multinational corporations and their soulless uncaring investors, as it did in the prelude to the last war.

The difference, last time there were places that were safe havens and virtually untouchable! This time targets of first choice! And something to contemplate as you chase that next fast buck! Wolf down the caviar and king crab.
Alan B.
Posted by Alan B., Friday, 3 March 2017 10:20:24 AM
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