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The Forum > Article Comments > The evolution of genealogy and genetics is breaking down walls of limitation > Comments

The evolution of genealogy and genetics is breaking down walls of limitation : Comments

By Kay Stroud, published 30/9/2016

The newer science of epigenetics raises important questions about long-held biological beliefs about inherited deficiencies.

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This is a good segway, to introduce the topic of genetic engineering? Firstly via volunteers and essential clinical trials!

That can be the forerunner of the elimination of genetically transferred disease, like death sentence cystic fibrosis, dementia and alzheimer's?

While stem cell therapy is in it's infancy and locking horns with religious ethicists and humanist evolutionists on a variety of grounds some puerile and others straight from the flat earthers handbook?

We have seen the permanently paralysed get up and walk, thanks to stem cell therapy collected from their own nasal stem cells.

Other breakthroughs are reliant on using human genetic material otherwise, routinely flushed with other wasted biology!

In order for any of this material to become a human and identified as such with a beating human heart and brain activity? It needs to be introduced into a informed and consenting incubator!

And there appears to be a finite time limit to liquid nitrogen frozen storage? Which would ensure that this genetic material was routinely wasted and flushed with the other equally undervalued human biology!

For mine, it seems passing strange that some folk put more emphasis on the rights of genetic material than the living breathing thinking and feeling human beings this material might help?

I mean, we have no such issues with donor organs etc. which given the original owners have no further use for them and wouldn't be in anyway harmed if their useful bits just didn't get buried with the EMPTY mortal remains we inter?

And therefore such donation ought to be compulsory if allows another human to extend a useful life? Even where that use might be largely confined to being a good parent and there for the kids until they're independent adults?

If grieving adults have a problem with that? What they never ever know will never ever hurt them!?
Alan B.
Posted by Alan B., Friday, 30 September 2016 3:08:45 PM
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