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The Forum > Article Comments > Welfare solution exists in a circle > Comments

Welfare solution exists in a circle : Comments

By Vern Hughes, published 29/9/2016

From the disability movement, the concept of Circles of Support, or Circles of Friends, is the key to thinking about welfare reform in relational rather than managerial terms.

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Hi Verne,
Just because a 'circle' works for disability services doesn't mean it'll work for other jobseekers.

It's not going to work and I'll tell you why.
Paragraph 9 - the word 'conditional'.
'Foot in the backside' approach won't work, no matter how you try to package it.
Say I come around to your place, and I'll demand that you wash and vacuum my car immediately for me.
If you don't wash it for me, I'll get your payments cut off, and if you do do it for me I'll give you 2 bucks.
Now tell me what do you think is going to make you feel better about yourself?
Doing it and getting $2 for your efforts, or not doing it, making a stand, telling me where to go and getting your payments cut off?
It makes little difference does it?
You're not going feel better about yourself or your future prospects either way.
And you're not going to respect me either.

Now you can try to infiltrate and indoctrinate a persons circle of friends to go along with your plan but I honestly don't think people are going to want anything to do with you or your plan.

People with drug and alcohol dependencies have friends who also have drug dependencies.

What you need is a 'Carrot on a Stick' approach.
And you create a 'foolproof' system.

Here's my solution.
Stop wasting all the money on: Job Networks, WFTD, Courses that people do to avoid WFTD, Cash incentives to jobseekers and employers; and every other bit of money that is thrown at this problem unsucessfully, and just GIVE PEOPLE JOBS instead.

We have Capitalist Education with a Socialist Base Level.
We have Capitalist Education with a Socialist Base Level.
Why not include Jobs and Training with that concept.

What if you remove the 'I cant find a job' factor and stop people from ever sitting around on their hands in the first place?
A completely optional system, not a 'foot is the backside' system, where you can earn double your dole for meaningful work.
Posted by Armchair Critic, Saturday, 1 October 2016 9:32:43 AM
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