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Incentives and peace: part 2 : Comments

By Alon Ben-Meir, published 26/8/2016

Both sides have a very powerful and widely influential constituency that still believes they can have it all.

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As long as both sides believe they can have it all, neither side needs to compromise! And given the over the top, sledge hammer driving a tack response by Israel, therefore less and less motivation for a peaceful resolution?

Moreover, the endless expansion of new settlements ensures that the parliament remains the province of the hardliners, in a unique Jewish incentivated gerrymander! And no end in sight?

The only hope for a peaceful resolution is, the continuing ramping up of the commercial boycott!? And until it leaves Israel in absolutely no doubt, that anything other than a negotiated two state solution, can only ever end in ever increasing pain for them!

Israel needs export dollars and foreign donations from wealthy Jewish patrons, to continue to expand into purloined Palestinian territory and maintain a large standing army etc.

If the west could create a situation that left Israel no other economic choice but to settle this matter for once and for all. A lot of the other problems confronting the west could be successfully resolved.

While Israel is busy expanding its Kingdom by force and false claim? they ignore a growing problem on their flank? Namely, A recently radicalized Turkey, which has the largest standing army in the middle east, expansionist aspirations and at least 50 thermonuclear weapons stored on their territory.

At the moment the target of choice for the turkish tyrant happens to be the kurds! He needs confected confrontation and a useful scapegoat to stay in power? Something Israel has perfected down to a fine art!

Were he to use some disingenuous deceit to break Turkey's ties with NATO? Whereupon, he could refocus his bellicose belligerence on Israel, which may well see an unholy anti Israel alliance that could include Iran, Egypt, Syria and Russia?

All of who would have Israel in their crosshairs and indeed contemplate a decisive preemptive strike? And I wouldn't guarantee that the U.S. would be willing to sacrifice blood and treasure for a land grabbing, lost cause, cantankerous cousin that has become its own worst enemy?
Alan B.
Posted by Alan B., Friday, 26 August 2016 11:09:53 AM
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