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The Forum > Article Comments > Is successful ageing possible? > Comments

Is successful ageing possible? : Comments

By Ioan Voicu, published 3/3/2016

Even developed countries are unprepared to successfully cope with this phenomenon, especially as the life expectancy of senior people continues to rise.

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An elderly person at home is like a living golden treasure." 

It's doubtful that even the Chinese believe that any longer. It certainly has no credence in the West where, if you are actually one of the aged, you soon learn that you are a nuisance to society. There is nothing 'dignified' or useful about growing old.
Posted by ttbn, Thursday, 3 March 2016 10:27:50 AM
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Yes, but requires an attitudinal adjustment!

At the moment aged folk are providing big pharma with its greatest profits, with (bad rep) statins heading the list.

A recent double blind study on the so called benefits of statins, found, all those not given the placebo, suffered from some cognitive impairment?

And a very large price to pay for an average nine months extra, as a high care vegetating nursing home resident?

We do need to develop a reverence for the wisdom that can only come with advanced maturity.

We also need to loosen the iron grip of the cold dead claw of profit demanding big pharma, and just by substituting, [out of patent,] cures for hugely expensive disease management, and or preventative care that avoids it in the first place!

Almost all aged infirmity, can be laid at the doorstep of cardiovascular hardening and subsequent diminished blood supply, even heart failure and dementia?

And given simple inexpensive EDTA chelation therapy apparently can reverse and or otherwise ameliorate arterial hardening, probably explains big pharma's campaign against it?

And medically managed HRT, can and does reverse osteoporosis, which is far more harmful to the quality of life in the older generation than any possible seriously low risk side effects.

In any event some HGH,if included, could mean that the other hormones could be adjusted downward to far safer levels?

Incidently, the body's production of some or all the hormones, curtailed by diminished blood flow to the respective organs?

And given oxygen is implicated in all healing, why aren't we utilizing hyperbaric oxygen therapy far more than now, and as part of the suite of universally available, very low cost, preventative medicine.

Besides, there are finite limits to what can be achieved with diet and exercise. Especially when spinal injury or other injury is impacting.

We need to remove the official blockages on all preventive medicine, even if that cuts into the profits of big pharma or their flim flamming allies, millionaire vascular surgeons, heart specialists etc.

And please don't take offense unless the cap fits!?
Posted by Rhrosty, Thursday, 3 March 2016 1:08:54 PM
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It's all very noble to include the whole world in aid with ageing, as this article
does and openly states the West should pay for it due to globalisation.
The trouble is the Western world and Europe are the ones always expected
To fund it all.
What do other countries ever do for us.

It's costing billions in money paid to Turkey to stem the flow of
Refugees to Europe. It's costing untold amounts to provide for
The people already in Europe, and we are also probably paying the bulk
Of money to feed all the besieged people in Syria.
Plus the billions to maintain the military assault against Isis over there.

Why are these countries imploding. The answer is in the 7billion world
Population. Now that is not the fault of Europe or the West, the blame
For that lies squarely at the feet of male dominance and lack of contraception.
They simply have too many people to feed and provide for. That's why they rose up in
Syria, too many kids to feed and not enough resources to do it. One woman interviewed
Was 37years old and had 11kids for god sake.
All their own doing, at least the male leaders are to blame.
The same goes for Africa and India.

Actions have consequences.
Having more people than resources to provide has consequences,
Of war and starvation and awful poverty.

Already, the aged in Australia, live $200.00 below the poverty line.
Part of the reason being because so much money is poured into helping
Disastrously overpopulated countries

The elderly here contributed greatly in their lifetimes through work
And taxes, the people in other countries didn't.
If they overrun their land and resources it doesn't entitle them
To take ours.
Posted by CHERFUL, Sunday, 6 March 2016 12:38:08 AM
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