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The Forum > Article Comments > Planning, jobs and local government: 100 days in government > Comments

Planning, jobs and local government: 100 days in government : Comments

By Brendan Rowswell, published 20/3/2015

If government is to deliver more jobs, welcoming greater foreign investment and continuing to grow our residential and industrial development pipeline will also be necessary.

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Again we seem to be confronted by another ideologue bereft of a single new idea, save sell the place to foreigners?

The only reason we need to import foreign capital is due to the huge waste by government of scarce/resources?

A pipeline?

Well a good idea if rolled out by government rather than the next price gouging foreigner.

We waste around 30% of state revenues in incredibly wasteful duplication, centralizing and collation?

And saved by returning to regional autonomy/just moving the empire builders on.

We reportedly consume around 40% of the tax budget just collecting it?

Now if we didn't need to do that, (very doable) we'd free up around an additional 150 billions per, (low cost venture capital) for some of the projects listed; and what's more as Australian owned and operated projects.

And if we went that way, the normal flow on factors would leverage as much as an additional trillion+; particularly if we finally embraced self terminating thirty year investment bonds, popular almost everywhere else. [Do we need to get someone else's permission!?]

Which if well, designed and largely tax free, would unlock most of our 1.8 trillion super fund for our projects!

Our super fund is already larger than the entire economy, and very little of it invested here now!

So a tax free status if invested here in thirty year self terminating bonds, would allow much of the money to stay and work here.

And as things stand, we're currently getting almost 100% of nothing from these funds!

So, not only would we be no worse off, but finally able to stop borrowing money from money hungry foreigners, and just for the fire sale of our souls!

Look, doing what you've always done only ever gets you what you've always got!

So, do something else, even if you have to borrow some new or different ideas!

A nice change from forever going backwards, and or playing both ends against the middle hoping people won't notice the, I believe, serial incompetence/patent pork barreling just to buy votes from the moribund?
Posted by Rhrosty, Friday, 20 March 2015 11:44:17 AM
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