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The Forum > Article Comments > Falling commodity prices and the South African economy > Comments

Falling commodity prices and the South African economy : Comments

By Babatunde Omilola, published 19/2/2015

South Africa's encouraging performance within Sub-Saharan Africa in particular is a further testament to a unique opportunity in improving regional integration, boosting local supply-chain coordination and lowering trade barriers on the continent.

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Yes but it also makes and exports stuff to the world. We could too, but for the greedy individual, and sad sack pollies putting the national interest last.

What we need is cheaper than coal thorium, and rolled out as publicly owned and operated projects; connected to micro-grids to seriously undercut S.A's manufacturing ability, given just how much energy impacts on the cost of making things here.

And were we to accompany that pragmatism with a vastly less complex and costly tax system, give the high tech manufacturers even more reasons to call Australia home.

How much longer are these sad sack recalcitrant "representatives" going to effectively hand all the advantages to those we must compete with!?

We just cannot endlessly continue to buy more than we sell, or focus exclusively on the advantages we hand to the already better off, and in so doing, continue to exacerbate our current raft of economic problems.

Surely we aren't going to allow S.A. to continue to beat the pants of off us, just as the Kiwis do now!?

Are all the pragmatist everywhere else but Oz?

Surely we will, without a change of basic mindsets at the helm, become the poor white trash of Asia.

Free trade agreement are all well and fine, but will achieve little of real and lasting substance without some serious structural changes/attitude adjustments.

I mean, we can do so much better.

Bet your life S.A. would allow international activists to close down their most promising oil prospects, and on patently mendacious claims!?

Bet you anything S.A wouldn't be contracting out her Subs once she'd learned to build them there!

Nor would she be mindlessly building diesel subs while sitting on nearly half the world's uranium!

Seriously people, there are some things more important than eternal self interest; or the prized treasury benches and or polishing them!

If Tony and co were to focus exclusively on us keeping our jobs; and or not playing second fiddle in manufacturing, to place like S.A., the home of the new Ford Focus and some Mercedes products; he/they might save theirs?
Posted by Rhrosty, Thursday, 19 February 2015 9:38:52 AM
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