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The Forum > Article Comments > Bennett: a demagogue on the loose > Comments

Bennett: a demagogue on the loose : Comments

By Alon Ben-Meir, published 16/2/2015

It is hard to imagine how a devious, delusionary and destructive individual like Naftali Bennett, the leader of the Jewish Home party, can rise to prominence while openly advocating a racist political agenda.

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Alon, crawl back in your leftist hole.
I have no time for the loony left, let alone the Jewish loony left.
We don't need people like you to invent what isn't there and twist what you perceive to your liking..

Clearly you have no idea what the Arabs in areas A and B in Judaea and Samaria want. You also haven't seen any opinion polls.

I have a great many Arab friends in Israel, and Judaea and Samaria and they all tell me that the general Arab population want to be part of Israel.

Wahid, a friend, recently did some filming and interviewing for a documentary in Ramallah, and this is what he wrote to me.

<<<<<I spent three days interviewing people from all casts of life in the de facto capital of the PA in Ramallah and let me assure you that 90% of the working class poor want Israel too annex Judea Samaria and retake the PA run city's and expel the Parasite Authority.

It's time for Israel to make up its mind now and forever, it must take the bold step of annexing Judea Samaria and granting Judea and Samaria an Israeli Commonwealth status granting its residents citizenship and the right to vote for a Governor of the commonwealth.

This is the same relationship that the United States has with its Island commonwealth Puerto Rico. This isn't my Idea it was spoken of during a meeting Bibi Netanyahu had with President Bush some time ago. Any resident of Judea Samaria who is willing to become a loyal citizen of Israel and serve in the IDF should be allowed to do so.

All residents of Judea and Samaria deserve to have a referendum for annexation free and democratic ASAP. Let the silent majority speak via this referendum.>>>>
Posted by SF, Monday, 16 February 2015 4:37:33 PM
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