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The Forum > Article Comments > Divorce Day needs a rethink > Comments

Divorce Day needs a rethink : Comments

By Mal Fletcher, published 7/1/2015

If the runes of popular culture are anything to go by, marriage is far from a moribund institution. Yet creating something called Divorce Day arguably trivialises family breakup.

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Divorce is not fun, it not only splits Parents and their combined worth, but the Kids as well.
Some of who believe they're to blame, or are inherently disloyal, when they wind up liking the step parent more than their own natural one.

Most divorced dads have disappeared off the scene within three years of the divorce; such is the power of emotional loss on many men!

People, when really too young for serious life long commitment, fall in lust!
And then wake up around a decade later, beside a perfect stranger, they don't even like!

When people who don't like or even hate one another, which is due to being completely incompatible, are forced to share an abode and a relationship, they can and sometimes do, wind up killing the other, the pets and or the kids.

Better they should live together and get to really know the other before sex and or marriage, or the consequential kids.

Divorce can be quite liberating, particularly when your adult kids turn out to be spoiled little brats playing both sides against the middle; and or, just not the people you'd choose as real fair dinkum reliable friends, that can be counted on.
And are so very different, when measured against the kindness of perfect strangers!

If people find someone truly compatible, that the really do get on with and like, and that's before sex and after immaturity, they should leave no stone unturned, in their quest for happiness; which by the way, can add a decade or more to your life, health and general well being!
And small acts of almost daily kindness is the cement, that makes such relationships the lifelong joy they really can be!

I can think of nothing worse however, than be made a prisoner in a loveless relationship; and enduring unrewarded unappreciated servitude!

Make sure you've ended one relationship, before you start another or rebound into arms, just as incompatible as those you've just wrested!

When it's truly time to move on, there's just one thing to do!
Move on!
Posted by Rhrosty, Wednesday, 7 January 2015 10:07:40 AM
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While the author has undue optimism about divorce-marriage trends - things could be worse. Its the relatives of spouses who are culpable in destroying Christmas-New Year just as much as the husband-wife's best laid efforts.

Put simply you don't merely marry a women you marry her parents, mature age kids and other sundry abnoxious relos.

Within these new joint entities there are ennobled A-Teams who can-do-no-wrong and unaccepted B-Teams who can do no right.

All is statistics and graphs in the end. In Australia it is sobering .

For men with obsessions that include submarines and nuclear weapons finding feminine "soul mates" is rare

- yes these women are usually 50+ which increasingly means "New Age" "Wind Catchers" (but I digress :)

Re-marriage after 50 is a major exercise unless you have sufficient money to purchase said marriage/partner :)

In conclusion, even in Lurv - money talks.
Posted by plantagenet, Wednesday, 7 January 2015 12:38:05 PM
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I can't fully agree with that Rhrosty, in my experience a large number of de facto relationships, that have rubbed along for many years, even decades, break down with in a couple of years or less of making it official. Perhaps living together helps a little, but it does not have a great track record that I can see.

I also think that marrying at an older age is detrimental to the chance of success. Older people have many more established habits, & preferences, that are harder to adapt than younger folk. Kids tend to rub each others corners off more easily, & a quick roll in the hay will mend any damage incurred.

A 30 something lady friend, after a split up of a youngish marriage told me that she loved the bloke dearly, but he had too many prickles & hard edges to live with. I think this is common, & the reason many second mirages fail. This couple had lived together for some time, but had many years of independent mature living before meeting.

On the other hand I definitely don't believe in "saving" a marriages. The saved marriage is usually a bastard arrangement, with no love or affection, simply a poor business arrangement. People in these arrangement are simply wasting their lives, with little or no chance of happiness.

If it meeds saving, forget it, & go start again.
Posted by Hasbeen, Wednesday, 7 January 2015 5:45:02 PM
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yes, it's true . Divorce day needs a rethink ! even if marriage , before everything's too late you must think more and more. dont make you regret for any decision that you have made . Like my story , before i got married with who really look me down because i'm poor because she got affected what her mother said. but now, this is my revenge. i become rich nowadays and be one of the best betting online agency in Asia in this case is senibet . then she wants to get back, i just say : sorry , i didnt deserve for you . Cheer Up friends !

Bobby saragih sanjaya
Posted by bobisakaya, Wednesday, 7 January 2015 7:58:26 PM
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