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The Forum > Article Comments > The 'Gonski' funding model > Comments

The 'Gonski' funding model : Comments

By David Robertson, published 15/12/2014

It is clear the 'Gonski' model was hastily implemented and should have undergone at least a year of trialling and testing.

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The inherently fair Gonski funding model is inherently sound, extremely well researched and based on need!

Hence the resistance by some conservative premiers, and those endlessly carping conservatives, who still cling to the privilege construct; indubitably the reason it's not national!
Ditto inherently fair, but continually rolled back NDIS!

If only we the people could have or were offered a referendum on whether we keep road block state governments; or, jettison them entirely; and use the annual savings, around 70 billions plus P.A. and rising; to affordably fund both Gonski and the still endlessly deferred NDIS!

It's all very well for the conservative side of politics to talk (endlessly waffle on) about smaller government, while clinging to Kindy for learner driver politicians/State parliaments, who do nothing that can't be done better by enlarged council, the Fed and much more regional autonomy, coupled to a direct funding model!

Which by the way and through savings, would ensure around a 30% increase in coal face funding, as the first intended consequence, and without actually increasing any budget measure or outlay.
Far fewer extremely costly and completely unneeded centralizing and collating Bureaucrats/complex rationalists, equates to more money made available at the coal face!

We are with but one exception, the most over-governed nation on earth, and ALL that double handling/double dipping governance, costs us far more than an inherently fair education funding model and NDIS combined!
Get real, or failing that, try inherent fairness!

And wouldn't that make a very pleasant change! I mean and c'mon, justice deferred is justice denied; as is fair play/equal treatment!

ANOTHER STUDY!? Thanks but no thanks!
Posted by Rhrosty, Monday, 15 December 2014 9:27:57 AM
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