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The Forum > Article Comments > Iran negotiations, OPEC meeting loom for oil markets > Comments

Iran negotiations, OPEC meeting loom for oil markets : Comments

By Nicholas Cunningham, published 24/11/2014

With Iran needing somewhere around $135 per barrel for its budget to breakeven, it would be the biggest beneficiary of a diplomatic accord with the west.

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Iran needs $135.00 a barrel to just break even?
Well how nice for Iran; whereas, we in the west need less than $87.00 a barrel, just to keep our economies afloat!
For mine a free market and much more oil field development, (Edmonton/GBR) should decide the price, not blackmail payment for assurances of so called peace!
And it's not just Iran that's troubled by the oil price, but a warmongering Russia, whose entire domestic economy, more or less floats on oil, and or western economy killing high prices.
And prices we must not pay, least they be returned as bullets, bombs, ballistic missiles and brutal bloody battles over oil rich provinces! For far too long, Tinpot Tyrants have held the world hostage, by dribbling out oil; thereby forcing the prices that created one oil shock recession followed by an even worse one!
The world needs to stop being a puppet on a string, jerked about by oil rich Russian or Middle East Miscreants!
Let's crack on developing our own energy resources; or alternatives, and then let the chips fall where they may!
At least that way, it's less likely, we poor trusting fools, will inadvertently fund Isil or terror!
Posted by Rhrosty, Monday, 24 November 2014 12:04:32 PM
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