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The Forum > Article Comments > Deadly encounters: an infectious world > Comments

Deadly encounters: an infectious world : Comments

By Peter Curson, published 1/8/2014

But what does the future hold? Will we ever eliminate or indeed be able to control infectious disease?

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As we were emerging from the alleged primordial slime, the atmosphere, greatly assisted by a largely forested world, was around 51% oxygen?
This level of oxygen, prevented many pathogens developing, given oxygen is pure poison for very many of them, but particularly, those carried and or transported by water?
Cord damage seems to be limited or less severe, if potential paraplegics are given oxygen therapy, inside two hours of receiving their various spinal injuries?
And some hypobaric chambers, are small enough to fit inside an ambulance!
And engineered so as to accommodate a patient on a stretcher.
Hospital emergency departments, could have many personalized chambers included in intensive care!?
Today the oxygen percentage of the atmosphere, is as low as 20%; and things like aids, which like many viruses, couldn't have lived, when the atmospheric oxygen was more than twice as high!?
We also need steam cleaners in hospitals, which can clean walls, privacy curtains, blinds, windows and ceilings, as well as the usual over polished floors; as a means to reinstate, proper hygiene and sanitized conditions, as acceptable, in any high care situation, or surgical theatre/ward!
And we shouldn't have to tell doctors of all people, to wash their hands, or insure, that the surgical mask also completely covers the nostrils, the source of many highly dangerous pathogens!
Deadly pathogens may well be very dangerous, but transferring some that can only survive a very few minutes outside the host, is even more dangerous, and the way epidemics start!
We also need to return to boiling soiled garments and also, the habit of exposing bedding etc, to a period of not less than two hours of, sanitizing full sunlight!
We have become too dependent on antibiotics, and have gotten lazy with personal hygiene, with hospitals being the largest source of super bugs!
If you're not sick when you go in, you could be very sick when you come out!
And that's no reflection on already hugely overworked nurses, just administrations, massively top heavy, with overly overpaid, bean counting bureaucrats!?
Posted by Rhrosty, Friday, 1 August 2014 10:14:35 AM
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We do need to get back to those practices that worked, before we had antibiotics and so called wonder drugs!
And those things include proper complete isolation, and proper sterilization; rather than the shortcuts and massively expensive, entirely counterproductive, bean counting, centralizing, correlating, bureaucrats, that to date, has largely replaced proper procedures and the numbers of coal face workers, needed to actually implement them!
Posted by Rhrosty, Monday, 4 August 2014 9:55:33 AM
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