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The Forum > Article Comments > Five industries worried about peak oil > Comments

Five industries worried about peak oil : Comments

By Chris Dalby, published 31/7/2014

Doomsday predictions of civilization having to survive without electricity, or planes being grounded, are one thing, but petroleum is a heavy component of many more industries than that.

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The peak oil enthusiasts seem not to have noticed that recently huge amounts of hydrocarbons have been found with many countries yet to start looking for shale gas.

Where do the huge volumes come from? Is it really bogs and dinosaurs that have been buried kilometers below ground? Consider the vast amount of methane emitted by volcanoes.

There must be sources of hydrocarbon deep in the Earth. And one of the symptoms is the "enigma" of reserves growth where exhausted fields, when abandoned start to recharge.
Posted by Jay1234, Thursday, 31 July 2014 8:45:15 AM
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We have enough thorium to power the world for around 700 years, and for far less, than we are currently shelling out for privatized coal fired power!
And we know how to grow hugely productive oil rich algae, and on non arable land, and using eternally abundant sea water.
Or better yet, utilizing recycled nutrient loaded water.
Extracting this ready to use as is bio-diesel or jet fuel, is virtual child's play!
And given economies of scale, even with an excise applied, easily retailed for 44 cents a litre or less.
And in so doing, create a sustainable industry, with the potential, not to just save the Murray/Darling, but hugely prosper currently, very depressed regional economies and or, southern states.
And the biomass waste product of this industry, would even prosper an equally sustainable ethanol petrol replacing industry.
And we already know how to make boigas, and indeed, power households 24/7 from this cheap as chips, endlessly sustainable gas, made from wasted waste!
Incidentally, passing this scrubbed gas or NG through a relatively simple catalyst, produces methanol, another even higher octane replacement for petrol or even av-gas!
So, where's the problem?
Other than recalcitrant, mantra mumbling pollies, who virtually sit on their hands, or just fiddle, as this emerging crisis, first destroys whole economies; and or, promotes regional conflicts!
And for what?
Pecuniary self interest, as fossil fuel shareholders, or worse? Covertly corrupt official perhaps?
Which as virtual road blocks effectively blocking the actual emergence of really viable, far less costly alternatives, are what we need to worry about!
Rather than so called peak oil, which will become far too expense to use, long before we pump out the last barrel!
I mean, we have apparently discovered trillions of barrels of the stuff at Edmonton; and could have an equally large or larger more easily accessed repository of our own, to our immediate north!
But will never ever know, given "we" have stupidly locked up this site!
Clearly this is a risible man made "non crisis", cleverly created just to inflate, four trillion a year, oil industry, bottom lines!
Posted by Rhrosty, Thursday, 31 July 2014 1:04:38 PM
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