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The Forum > Article Comments > Running and the use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs): an ongoing dilemma? > Comments

Running and the use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs): an ongoing dilemma? : Comments

By Chris Lewis, published 27/6/2014

Some countries produce athletes that run faster than others - destiny or drugs?

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Yes, and just as we close in on the cheats with new tests, the cheating industry, finds new undetectable, performance enhancers.
And given the cheats, may well include whole nations.
Any attempt to shut down this industry is going to be futile.
Even more so, with professionals involved, along with big money.
As the saying goes, if you can't beat em join em!
We Aussies punch well above our weight in the field of genetics, and at least one Aussie researcher, has shown, in experiments with rats, that all forms of performance can be generously enhanced, with genetic remodeling.
Some of this may have occurred naturally, and amplified with the slave trade and the survival of the fittest, by simple slave trade induced, selection.
Hence we see black athletes from the US and Jamaica doing exceptionally well; where one might suppose, a better class of athlete was created, by better market prices etc?
And body type and altitude may have more to do with Kenyan and Ethiopian success.
Ditto Mexican, given the Mayans and Aztecs, were reported to regularly run up to four marathons per day, every day, as the very earliest form of pony express? And the Nepalese, make pretty good mountain climbing Porters!
I propose that we, with official sanction, press on with genetic enhancement.
Namely, because the changes are still drug free, and the improvements, speed, endurance, strength, health improvements, robust stamina, improved oxygen utilization, faster healing and extended longevity etc/etc, are permanent benefits.
Moreover, the undetectable changes are transferable, through the natural breeding process!
If other nations are engaged in officially sanctioned cheating?
And as the graphs show, the are credible reasons to believe so?
Then we clever Aussies, should show them how it is done, and without risking the health of our best athletes!
We spend a lot of taxpayers' money on sports!
So lets be sure we get the most bang for our buck!
Posted by Rhrosty, Friday, 27 June 2014 10:40:44 AM
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