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The Forum > Article Comments > Donít blame the people for Iranian intransigence > Comments

Donít blame the people for Iranian intransigence : Comments

By Gary Gambill, published 22/5/2014

If Iranian leaders remain hell-bent on retaining the infrastructure to produce a bomb in short order, it is not to appease public opinion, but to suppress it.

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Gambill was exposed as an Israeli propagandist in the responses to his OLO posting on 16 May.
Posted by Leslie, Thursday, 22 May 2014 12:55:13 PM
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thanks/for the..hEADS-..UP
BUT..its worth noting/..the EVENTS IN ISRAEL/the pope
planning..on going to/the place/of the last pray..[on a non designated..praying-day..anyhow..israel activists been beating up...thats at davids tomb..[ what i..expect to/be sunday/or flag event.

its well known..the 777 israel/plus..the missing'flight'
may blown to bits/by\ what wil be an attempt by arabs...muslims/non jews [i mean.they will say..iran..done it] will..end up..being...a big-day.
it links..too into fatima/who cautioned\regarding..of-it..but that will/ a longer/time-setting.

the the pope/visiting\that place..of the last supper/if i was satan..[and often/i\myself wonder]..then/i wouldnt want..that/done\ red-herring..EVERY-LIFE/matters*[one life-giver/*..

unless Israel returns the Sergei Court. Within 24 hours,..the Ministry was evacuated..(See Selling King David's Tomb).

A campaign is Israeli right..claiming that a similar planned with the Cenacle..and King David's Tomb..*below it.

"Final Agreement..Needs to be Signed"

The visit..of the the place is significant..because it includes..a mass..[last-supper/mass]..despite not of the allowed prayer days...Moreover,..Israeli officials..have acknowledged that an ready.

[clearly/some..could\ prevent/this][and set-up/arabs/russians/chinese] take../the\fall...for/red/flag[black-flag-event]..[using/..say..a mal-asian/plain.]

Speaking for the Latin Patriarchate,..David Noihouse acknowledged that Christians..want an agreement regularizing prayer the Cenacle.*"This is a central place..[last-upper/place]..for Christians worldwide,..and right is possible to pray there only with special permits.

In certain sense,..the Church was born there,* is the most natural thing..for Christians to want to visit and pray mother mary fatima.

Hanna Bandekobsky..(English spelling may vary) the Director of the Program..for Jewish-Christian Relations of the Jerusalem Center. On May 20,..ahead of the visit,..she gave an interview to Yediot Ahronot.

She said,.."Now there is a final agreement..that needs to be signed; it includes many details...As part of it.. the Catholics tried to introduced prayer/rights in the room,..but the details have not yet been published."

Right\wing/activists..were stopped..from visiting the the police...The latter told the intruders.."It is a church up there"..[while secretly filmed.]

The video..was uploaded to the internet..and is now a source of Jewish religious hysteria;..*"King David's Tomb..*will be given to the Vatican,"..they say in a variety of ways,..despite the event being,,*


that disenfranchises..indignant/peoples'..from..their..owned-homes..into squats/camps\gulags/....when All WE GOT..IS THE ONE/ god*..

[pure/truth/pure-good..pre/grace/pure-mercy]..\men..mene many men/ahhh-men*
Posted by one under god, Friday, 23 May 2014 8:00:21 PM
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Judge Overrules Police, Allows Anti-Pope Protests
Jerusalem judge refuses to remand youths who put up posters calling on 'impure' pope to get out of Israel.


(CNN) -- The Royal Dutch Air Force scrambled fighter jets on Monday to intercept a cargo plane that entered Dutch airspace without proper clearance as world leaders gathered in the Netherlands for a nuclear security summit.

The LAN Cargo Boeing 777 bound for Amsterdam from Miami "was diverted away" from Dutch airspace due to restrictions around the summit in The Hague,


by remote-control THEY COULD HAVE..KILLED EVERYONE/ON BOARD....AND WE THE..PEOPLE keeping/secrets/but\how many they kill../for armogeddon?

its..a sign of the times
obViously..we knew/the budge\bills/account/dues..was comming

anyhow/what-else is comming..=..bail-in

suing..THE SPECIFIC LIARS/estates/trusts....PERSONALLY
.MAKING the truth..2...come out/freedom..of info requests..etc


the.lie../IS\ be*come;
*it iran/then

black flag/event..maybe monday
they wilL..blame it..<.,immediately..>..on iran..they expect/unthinking/immediate/multi-pronged..armogeddon[at/3\places.[media/complicity]..but*

be prepared

israeL..HAS SO MANY PROBLEMS..AT the moment
/let just..WAIT AND SEE


Thomas Jefferson...said that/when the government..fears the people liberty,..and when..the people..fear the government*there is tyranny...Many\..many countries..fear their government.

Demonstration..against/the power\of corporate-war-serving governments are,...which is hardly reported..on..[fulsomely] the corporate-serving media.

its take..specific-individuals..TO COURT
4/FOLLOWING..UNLAWFULL-ORDER.its the weeds GET DUN...hung/undone.

Fake Nigerian..Kidnapping Victim..Debbie Peters
is..a Rockefeller...and Zionist Agent

Regarding\false/flag the Zionists,..such/as the fake kidnapping..of Nigerian-schoolgirls..and/the phony disappearance..of..a Malaysian Airlines 777.. one of/the most wretched,..wicked perpetrators..of all*/ none other..than that arch-devious one,../David Rockefeller./

It is..Rock-e-feller,..a rabid,..extremist Zionist/Jew,..who is responsible..for..the mass murder...multi-race's-of innocents...His European collaborators,..[rather,..masters,..the Rothschilds],..are also..mass murderers...The Rockefellers and Rothschilds...are human/BABYblood,..primaily Muslim blood...but/more..dead fetal-blood..[then burning..their corpses]

In the..past/two decades..alone..they have..butchered to..death some three million..Islamic/people,[plusd/killed..many-more..unborn/mutated/depleted-uranium.....with a..smaller number..of Christians..[ secret/knowers..also.being lost...such as those..who were death/in Iraq/u-krane/libia/IRaq/alp-gOANASTAN..and Palestine.

It is be....They are..the kinds..of individuals..who would.slaughter people...for their own/wealth/advantage/gains,.including..the maintenance of power..and financial kingdoms.corrupt monopolies and more..EVER/MORE\excuse..4/WAR.
Posted by one under god, Saturday, 24 May 2014 2:30:09 PM
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