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All the wrong innovation : Comments

By James Falk, published 10/3/2014

And that need for convenient data predisposes them to a particular view of innovation that ignores the constant minor adjustments that people make in their lives, products and businesses.

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Bah humbug.
We number among the most innovative people on the planet, with near the worst record, of failing to bring these same ideas through to commercialization!
Much smaller nations than us, don't seem to have the same failing, or inbuilt self deprecation, of all things Australian.
And the so-called increase in averaged incomes, is just not that, but rather, applies to an exponentially shrinking privileged elite, who, with their traditional bricks and mortar mindsets, are just part of the problem?
And in my view, the principle reason why the gap between the haves and the have nots, is not only widening; but the have nots, as a demographic, is the fastest growing community!
The reason we fail to innovate, or more to the point, bring our best world beating ideas, to commercial fruition, is down to excuse making personalities, not too different from this Author, touting the usual intellectual concepts, I believe, that as usual, fail the reality test?
It is time to sell a very different concept, and one that encourages Aussies, to get up off their knees, and have a red hot go.
As a football couch, may well advocate, leave nothing undone, or unspent,or bring any part of what you've got, back into the dressing room, and in so doing, not only let yourself down, but your team and support base!
We don't need excuse makers, who focus on the water hazard, or what they believe we can't do, but rather, inspirational leaders, who tell us what we can do!
And when we can allow ourselves to believe that vastly more positive message, no half pint country in any part of our world, will ever again outperform us in any department, but particularly, innovation, or more importantly, its commercialization!
Posted by Rhrosty, Monday, 10 March 2014 2:18:23 PM
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