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Uniting the generations : Comments

By Shira Sebban, published 15/11/2013

Not only is there now one less person on this earth who loves and cares about me, but yet another link to my childhood and my past has been severed.

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...All too true! Nature is very rigid and at times brutal, with her laws.

...And it shows exemplary dedication of a person, and of a society generally, that nurtures and protects their sick and elderly, against the inevitability of Natures law of extinction.
Posted by diver dan, Saturday, 16 November 2013 4:59:35 PM
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i..noted/your article..cause..of..the one..reply
many-people..dont..bother this..

till..there is..some interest

this is..usually..when you..join-in..

but you..may be the olo process..
so..i will..go over responses..

the heading..isnt descriptive..of..the first line..
[nor..most of..the rest..of..the article..]

in fact..i almost gave-up..reading..before/this point..[see quote]..wondering writing such..A....poor

and/then..saw your face..
then..had on


<<..Judaism..recognizes..*the particular relationship
between..*parent and allowing..a longer mourning period.>>

that..i find interesting..anymore info?
a GRACE-period?

<<..While..the generally..accepted 30 days.>>

generally/ who..?
[i..never knew]

generally/ few?
too few? gods/law?
i didnt..note it in..the torah?


or is school..or temple
[see..the parent/ the same
as..god and,..his created/creation..kind...of thing

thus in..gods-home
[Israel;..god must*..there somewhere

or/else..he was chased out..

[yet other..peace-filled hearts]

<< adult child..>>..priest/rabbi?

<<is notably honor..their parent's memory..>>

gods memory..[of an..idea*/creation]
except..god aint..*dead*..[even dead..aint dead]
[but..lets/ read.]

<< publicly..reciting..a prayer,
known as..the Mourners'-Kaddish,..for..11 months.>>

May..His..great name....[i_am*,] exalted G*d*s..great-name.[i*am]

a Yitgaddal veyitqaddash shmeh rabba

2 in..the world..which..*He His will! 3 May He establish..*His peace-full/loving kingdom..again..[in..the hearts of men.]

4 and may His..[gifted promise..of ever present eternalliving loving being..bring atonement/salvation..let..]..salvation blossom and His anointed..[inspirit] bought near.

5 during your lifetime..and during your days
6 and..during the lifetimes..of all the House of Israel,

<<a term..that traditionally..*implies..the reward/
*for piety,..good deeds,.*and charitable work...>


7 speedily..and very soon!

And say, Amen.

The next ..two lines..are recited
by..the congregation..and then..the

8 May His..great name..[i*am]..that../i\ being..
with-in..every living-being..]..[be]..

simply by being..the being..god
willed..its..being..into being] blessed..

9 for ever,..and in-to..all eternity!

10 Blessed..and praised,..glorified..and exalted, loving other.

11 extolled..and honoured,..adored and lauded
12 be the..PRESENT/presence*..of the Holy One,..[bblessed be He,,by..we],

13 above and beyond..all the blessings,
14 hymns, praises and consolations

15 that are uttered..into..his words..thus..into the world!

by blessings bring
by blessing..of other begets..the blessing upon him..for who..the is over due

by simply blessing..thy brother
ye bring blessings..upon all of we


in..his mirror..image..are we created
by..our his form..fully filled

And is we..
who say,..Amen.

The half..kaddish/divisions/dire-risions..ends here...[hear
its pollite..not to tongues..before guests.
Posted by one under god, Monday, 18 November 2013 8:38:52 AM
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Here..the.."complete kaddish"..includes:

16 May..the

17 of..all Israel
the reward*..for piety,..good deeds,..and..charitable work...>>

18 be[of all/living]....who is Heaven;s..eternal

And say,
[ try living..without me..yet again]

Here..the.."kaddish/of..the rabbis"
(including..the kaddish..after..a siyum)..includes:

19 To Israel, the Rabbis..and..their disciples
20 to the..disciples..of their disciples,
21 all..those who study
of..the Torah..and not of..the laws of war*

YOU..who....have state-symbol
the menorah..(candlebrum).

<<..which is the Tenach..
(on..the occasion of..a previous the Holy Land).


*"not..with..*armed force*..and..not with power,*..
but..*in My spirit..says..the..Lord of Hosts.">>

says..the host*..of lords we/can..hold..two
incorrect ideas..[see previous post]

22 in this..[holy]z place any*..other place,

23 may*..there come..abundant peace,
24 grace,..loving kindness .nd compassion, long life
25 ample sustenance joy..plenty..mercy and salvation

26 from the Father..who heaven

27 and say,

All variants.but the half/kaddish..conclude:
28 May there be abundant peace..*from heaven,
29 [and]..[good]..useful..helpful interesting life
330 living the the giving..of satisfaction,help,comfort, refuge,
31 healing,..redemption,..forgiveness,..atonement, 2 relief..and salvation..[unto/all..his LIVING re-creation]

33 for us..and for..all..*his people [the most..and the least]
[upon us]..*and upon all]..Israel;
and say, Amen.

34 May He..who makes
35 grant..[in..his mercy]..ETERNAL/peace..upon us all.
36 and..upon all of..[his nation's]..even so upon Israel;

and say,..
I all-men.

a Text..of the..Burial/Kaddish
[no..not yet..we come/to praise..the king..not bury him

let..the dead..tend the dead*god..we all live..

lets..take..the read shalom..not..shallow lie

In..the burial/kaddish,.and.that after
a Ashkenazim,i,..lines 2-3..are replaced/by:

37 In the world..which will be renewed
38 and..where He will..give life to the dead
39 and raise eternal life
40 and.rebuild ..the city of Jerusalem

and complete..His temple..there
[for the living all life living

and..uproot foreign whorship..from the earth
and..restore Heavenly living/loving..worship to..its dutiful..;position

and may..the Holy..One,see how..blessed is He, in captivity.

reign in..tHis..sovereign splendor

<<While..the prayer itself..actually..has do..with death,..I have found.this be cathartic, it enables me to draw..on..the support..of my community.
Posted by one under god, Monday, 18 November 2013 8:59:06 AM
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i felt..i..was distracted,,by..the/discovery..of..the prayer usual..reply,,to..death..

we are ..eternal spirits..[energy] second..we are alive
the next..we are finished.with-this earthy-phase..and cross over

some die..old..others young..but god gives us..each..precisly
the days..each

we each..have rejected

[here is..the default..for
those without..any consuming/passion..[[or evil].

see the..big issue..with that MANY> all
[yet others think..dead..nothing,,then some 'resection/judgment day'

[jesus refuted..both..those 'days']..
resection-day..was his brief return
and..his return..refutes 'the dead'..awaiting judgment

see we..are energy..of mind
returning home..back..into..our..fathers mind[or rejecting..the light..thi=us chose the darkness[of hell][but its our choice.]

we each..are eternal/minds..encased..but briefly..into mortal..flesh
to allow..our*our soul..[stained with lifes excess/passions]..

those not developing this life
get the next life..[in the astral
our descend..into the hell..or forgive..other..and go to heaven. light..perfected..and..nothing despoils
ie..[no wine/as we rotted grapes]

but decay..smells like..rotted fermented fruit/bodies..and dirty vomit..weted feet..[yet its..perceived, dust]


firstly..death..isnt dead
thus any..charge..of technically void.. yu has..pointed out..there is deloiberated-intention..

and those..meditating-killing..must not be exposed..
to..the benefits availed..'the departed' next life
and..they are many..


anyhow..the/first here..[gone wast]
[the best exposure..of after life][and of..our ongoing redemption]

the others like ..*"the officer"

''30 years..among the dead ''

[i recommend for you..the last one
its..a science text..

it proves some..of the 'powers'..of the dead cant end vile..via only gives them universal ability to..reap worse evil..[via possession]..[dont laugh till you read it

[in fact..the egyptians got it right..
keep the vile..attached to their rotted corpse..]

as gone-west/see the drugged..[dead by overdose]..
the 'sleepers'..that validates..ab-uses..the ego/ keep the dirt..from doing more vile

think of the..coma sleepers..currently
held-in machines..[arial/sharon.]

any death
insults..the life/sustaining good/god
no death honors..the living good

murdering..the youth..emerges them into hell
see..the officer..[they must reject vile
thus sit between..heaven/hell..being taught..but free to leave..up or down

we must not think..taking the drunks car..[body]
fixes to drink..

killing..anything IS wrong..
[it insults..our gift]

[but we before..

but heck
we eternity*

so..whats..the rush..smell..the roses
live only..a self-aware..child can..but/then fellow man..[honor thy..mother..and..thy father][not..just/the state[
Posted by one under god, Monday, 18 November 2013 10:10:12 PM
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