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The Forum > Article Comments > Less lead in our baggage > Comments

Less lead in our baggage : Comments

By Paul Harvey, published 28/10/2013

Similar research in Australia, where a 21 year time lag has been placed on data relating to a cohort of children exposed to lead at a young age, shows a strong correlation between lead exposure and criminal activities later in life.

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We have one of the largest lead smelters in the worlded based in Port Pirie SA with many years of environmental reporting and lead exposure testing. Whya are we not baseing any action on the this huge data set rather then patchy one presented?
Posted by Cobber the hound, Monday, 28 October 2013 10:28:00 AM
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Given all the reports and impossible to refute, negative outcomes of lead poisoning, one wonders why there seems to be all the official resistance to approved by the FDA, for at least the last fifty years, LEAD REMOVING EDTA chelation therapy, which physically removes (precipitated) lead from the blood stream. Which is then removed via the alimentary canal.
And there are far safer ways than the fifty year old intravenous drip method?
Namely, self administered suppositories, with safe child and adult friendly doses. [And some increase in wisdom was noted.]
Could the apparent reluctance to roll-out this comparatively cheap, extremely safe and able to be self administered therapy, have anything to do with the long since run-out of the EDTA patents?
Or, is it simply a case of comparatively rich arterial surgical specialists, reacting against a much much cheaper alternative, merely to protect their patch or very indulgent millionaire lifestyles?
Or, is there TOO LITTLE profit in it for BIG PHARMA, now forced to compete with the generic varieties!
Yes there are, as reported, some side affects, in some cases, [particularly where there is significant arterial blockage], shivering, and tremors, I believe, as increasing arterial flows, do a better job of cooling the body?
In my personal experience, this is however usually of a temporary nature, as the autonomic system adjusts and quite easily compensated for, with a few increased layers of temporary clothing?
Incidentally, we use EDTA as a very useful reagent in Laboratories, given it, proven in many decades of effective use! Not only irrefutably precipitates lead, but mercury, arsenic and carcinogenic cadmium as well, just to name a few! Incidentally, there seems to be a reversal of calcium loss, in the aged, for up to three months after each full dose infusion, with most of this reversal, ending up in the then comparatively stronger bones?
Posted by Rhrosty, Monday, 28 October 2013 12:55:39 PM
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