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Financial storm clouds gather : Comments

By James Cumes, published 10/4/2013

If lower interest rates lead to inflation, why is Japan still battling deflation after 20 years?

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Our problems go back a long way, and lay in the so-called need to create inflation and ever increasing prices for everything, resulting in a dog endlessly chasing its tail, economy damaging price wage spirals!
But particularly energy and capital.
Every western style economy rests on just these two support pillar!
And the endlessly and exponentially rising cost of energy, has magnified the basic faults and flaws in our economic systems, and the entirely arbitrary way we value money?
A Glass Stiegal act and the nationalisation of banks?
Why not?
Doing what you've always done and expecting a different result/outcome is madness!
We need to return to a gold standard and the relatively inflation free manipulation free economies it created!
We also need to pry loose, the vulture like claws of entirely indifferent speculators, from the economic pillars of capital and energy, to return it to, and remain the peoples' property for all time.
The social and economic benefits from just this much nationalisation, would vastly outweigh any perceived negative outcome.
We need a standard economic imprimatur for all international trade, which must value currency and all trade goods, at so many standard ergs of energy. [Given energy and capital inputs, my bushel of grain, should always remain worth your barrel of oil!]
Given so much of the world's economic malaise has been created by rampant tax avoidance! We need to junk current tax collection methodology and rules/laws, and replace all the convoluted complexity and endemic avoidance, with an entirely unavoidable expenditure tax.
Sure people can use bitcoin to buy stuff, but then there would be a digital trail; and, if they are unable to show a legitimate receipt, with a legal bank generated tax number, their goods or triple the value thereof, could be seized in lieu of the avoided tax?
And given we are only talking about a total and painless surcharge of around 4.8%!
Trying to avoid it, could prove to be very counter productive, and might even result in a criminal convictions, with all that that would imply, as whole of life outcomes?
Great article!
Posted by Rhrosty, Wednesday, 10 April 2013 11:24:07 AM
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