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The Forum > Article Comments > Music industry: a finger in the dike and a head in the sand > Comments

Music industry: a finger in the dike and a head in the sand : Comments

By Chris Abood, published 30/9/2005

Chris Abood argues the music industry can keep taking legal action but it can't keep ahead of new technology.

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"The BitTorrent protocol used by popular P2P software such as Limewire and eDonkey has all but replaced Kazaa"
Um, edonkey has is its own network and I thought limewire used gnutella, but perhaps things have changed since I last had a look around. Recent statements by the creators of Limewire and eDonkey suggest that those networks won't be keeping up the fight against the industries for much longer. Bittorrent however is here to stay, it has been of too much success in the distribution of legitimate content, 2 such examples being open source software and news clips on sites like crooksandliars.

I think it is ridiculous that copyright terms are continually extended on works that have been already made, it does nothing to encourage the production of new works. (Well, I suppose by now people could count on an extension and try to bargain with those they sell it to, but I don't see any evidence of that happening.) Also ridiculous is the industries' efforts to force copy controls on to consumers, often with the dual purpose of restricting access to works distributed in other markets, by use of market power and by lobbying the government for criminal sanctions on any other use of lawfully acquired products. (Thank you USFTA) It is true that this is the only way the corporations will stop most illegal copying while still keeping their huge profits, but neither goal is necessary or worth crippling future electronic devices.
Posted by Deuc, Friday, 30 September 2005 2:13:44 PM
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Thanks Chris for a more rational view of the whole copyright issue. This is vastly preferable to the view that view espoused by the recording industry that copyright infringers are thieves.

I believe that the copyright laws pose a serious risk to our civil liberties.

How easy it wod be for now on for law enforcement agencies to 'suspect' someone of committing the 'crime' of copying music fromthe interenet and then be abel to seize that person's Home PC, laptop of Ipod in order to search for evidence of a crime.

As I wrote in respose to Stephen Peach's article in defence of these copyright laws at :

"Any laws, such as the copyright laws, which turn many otherwise well meaning and scrupulously honest people into criminals, are clearly bad laws."

I also had a different proposal as to how to treat copyright and to remunerate those who creat music. I guess it could be considered a form of 'socialism' for music and other intellectual property. The suggestion, briefly (from the other discussion thread) is :

Set up a publicly funded company (or statutory authority) that would distribute music freely based on something like an open source software license. A database would record the most popular downloads and the artists would be remunerated from a common pool of funds to which we would all contribute as taxpayers, based on a formula which would increase the payments depending on the popularity of the download.
Posted by daggett, Tuesday, 4 October 2005 6:03:58 PM
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