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Slaughter of the lambs : Comments

By Peter Curson, published 9/1/2013

Who in Australia has heard of Schmallenberg, let alone knew that it has given its name to a virus with implications for rural Australia?

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Doomsday theories are a constant of literature; either heroic effort averts the disaster or divine intervention occurs.

Curson’s description of Schmallenberg virus is neither a doomsday theory nor a piece of unnecessary alarmism. It clearly describes in measured terms risks that threaten food security.

Emergency work is based on Preparation, Prevention, Response, and Recovery. Publicity for the bushfire season stresses “Planning to make a plan is not a plan” stressing Preparation and Prevention.

Curson points out “It also seems something of an irony that in health terms we always seem to have to react after the threat has been identified rather than anticipate it before it actually occurs, and by the time we have identified the threat and managed to construct a response, thousands, perhaps millions of people and animals have already suffered.” This is a failure in Preparation and Prevention.

Governments are not heeding the advice they promote in relation to bushfires when it comes to agriculture.

The O’Farrell government’s effective closure of NSW Department of Primary Industries is walking away from public involvement in protecting food security. After 10 years of ongoing cuts the current reduction in staff and downgrading of positions is destroying capacity in NSW to do as Curson is advocating, have the capacity to prepare for, and prevent threats to food security.

The expertise to prepare for, and prevent threats to food security can not be turned on like a tap. Lead times to have the expertise and experience to do this work is 15-20 years.

O’Farrell claimed NSW had massive deficits yet the Auditor General pointed out an error in an excel spreadsheet meant NSW was in surplus rather than the deficit claimed at the time. If NSW is so broke why has $20billion been allocated to a face lift for Darling Harbour and $1.2billion to give George St Sydney a facelift?

O’Farrell has sacrificed future food security in order to pursue politically desirable infrastructure projects in Sydney to satisfy a particular constituency.

Voters note, O’Farrell is sacrificing your children’s food security by the mindless cuts demanded of NSW DPI.
Posted by Cronus, Wednesday, 9 January 2013 1:37:06 PM
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