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The Humble Brag award winners : Comments

By Collett Smart, published 14/12/2012

What exactly qualifies one to make the list of most influential women?

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6. Be sure to feature the photos of the women who you want to 'win' a place in the top 20, in almost every 'nominate the top 20 women' article that appears before the final announcement.

YES! When the pictures of the winners were published, I thought it was just another reminder to vote because it included most of the same women. Surely it would have been more effective to just ask people to think of their most influential women without hinting that it probably should be one of the women Daily Life had already selected.

I also wonder how the winners were picked- was it based on merits, or who had the most facebook fans and twitter followers to vote for them (i.e. a popularity contest). Some of the women I admire and respect the most, whether in politics, working with children or as educators are too engaged in their work to self-promote or to seek publicity- leaving them unlikely to be noticed.
Posted by caitlin, Friday, 14 December 2012 11:22:42 AM
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' close all comments immediately and permanently.'


Well I have often been censored on that site for daring to disagree with columns. It's become a game for me to see how politely and respectfully I can expose holes in the argument's of the feminist social commentator articles and still get my posts accepted. Usually one can get ones point in if it is surrounded by many disclaimers about the wonderful things feminism has achieved.

7. Clementine Ford:

The claim

'Before the dictionary broadened the definition, before the Prime Minister made her speech, Ford articulated with flashing brilliance exactly what it meant to be a misogynist'

is correct, in fact I remember pointing out that she had effectively in her article changed the definition of misogyny in order to be able to label Tony Abbott such, and questioned why one would be so desperate to use the word. I am unsure whether it can be proven that her article in fact influenced Julia or the people at the Macquarie dictionary.

Note for beginners at Daily Life:

'Commenting Policy
Daily Life is a proudly female *biased* website with content tailored to women. We encourage lively debate and conversation around our stories and while all opinions are welcome'

The site proclaims it is proudly biased, so perhaps that overrides the 'all opinions are welcome' (Which I haven't found to be the case at all).

' We also won’t publish comments that are aggressive, sexist, racist or in any other way discriminatory or derogatory.'

An exception is made for posters attacking any anti-feminist comments that manage to get through. In fact sometimes I suspect they get through just for that purpose.
Posted by Houellebecq, Friday, 14 December 2012 12:07:16 PM
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